Make Headless Woocomerce Store in WordPress

How to make Headless WooCommerce Store in WordPress

Headless cms or online store is getting popular day by day. That’s why Ecommerce is full of buzzwords.

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Most of the online stores are moving to headless WordPress because, in the headless version, there are better user experience, speed, and security.

So in this article, we will discuss how you can setup a headless woocommerce store.

So what is Headless eCommerce?

In simple terms, a headless online store describes the ability to merge two different platforms and operate them seamlessly without needing a separate interface for each.

For example, some clients operate WordPress websites that sell products online; WordPress has some of the best content management features available, but it’s not geared towards eCommerce.

Similarly, a platform like woocommerce is ecommerce-oriented but lacks some of the content-centric features of a platform like WordPress.

Specific apps allow developers to merge the two sites into a single interface, allowing customers to seemingly buy products on the same site that they consume the content.

That is just one example. In general, headless eCommerce decouples the front and back ends of your eCommerce site and any other platform you use and requires a specific API to give them a cross-functional feel.

Why Headless?

There’s more than one way to answer the “why headless” question, but it all comes down to what platforms you use, what they’re good at, and what apps you intend to use.

Ultimately, the goal of a Headless eCommerce structure is to provide a more enhanced user experience. Still, at the same time, it can also streamline some of your internal processes and initiatives.

Consider an alternative where you would have to operate two separate websites that require your own web design and website development and updates. If the two platforms were completely separate, you would have to make changes to both sites, as has traditionally been the case.

Still, by integrating them under one headless structure, all you have to do is make a change, and both sites will display it, especially when information is pulled from one platform to display on the other.

For example, if product information is changed on the e-commerce platform, and the other interface pulls that information, it will streamline and simplify the change.

This can make a customer’s search for information and their jumping experience much more manageable, more enjoyable, and more valuable, especially if your customers trust you not only for content but also for your products or services.

Although this is just one example, it clearly illustrates how a headless approach can save you a great deal of time and money in the future by allowing you to make changes across multiple platforms and applications from a single back-end location.

let’s learn how to make Headless WooCommerce Store in WordPress.

How to Setup Headless WooCommerce Store in WordPress

To set up a headless woocommerce store, we will use a plugin called cocart. CoCart helps developers build and setup headless woocommerce stores easily without building any API.

In short, You can build a headless woocommerce store without building an API.

So how can you set up a headless woocommerce store in WordPress:

Let’s learn in-depth.

Install and Setup WooCommerce 

Install and set up the Woocommerce plugin on your WordPress website, like setting up payment gateways, shipping, setting up your products, and setting up shipping and payment methods.

After doing these basic customizations, move to our next step of setting up a headless woocommerce store.

Download and install CoCart

Now install the CoCart plugin. To do so, go to your WordPress dashboard and go to “Plugins > Add new,” search for “CoCart,” and install it.

install cocart plugin

Before installing the CoCart plugin, let’s have an eye on these requirements:

  • WordPress version 5.4 or later. (CoCart requires WooCommerce to be installed and activated).

CoCart requires WooCommerce to be installed and activated

  • WooCommerce version 4.8 or later.
  • PHP 7.3 or later.
  • Pretty permalinks in Settings > Permalinks so that the custom endpoints are supported. Default permalinks will not work.
  • HTTPS secured website (SSL) is recommended.

Let’s follow the setup wizard of the CoCart plugin.

After installing and activating the CoCART plugin, click on the setup wizard.

after that, you will have 3 steps, just follow the below-given screenshots and complete these 3 steps efficiently:


cocart you are ready

After completing all 3 steps, in last, you will see an interface saying follow our documentation and set up your headless woocommerce store. So there are CoCart documentations where you can quickly learn and set up your headless store.


The headless structure cannot be easily defined because it can encompass almost any system integrating two systems that work together to present a seamless front interface with separate back systems.

In theory, there is no limit to the number of platforms that can be developed together in a headless framework or which applications can be used; this is limited by the APIs of the platforms as well as the experience of the developer.

Also, the reasons for pursuing a headless structure could be very particular to your industry or the way your users’ shop, including what they find valuable. With this in mind, a headless framework can save you time, allow you to make changes to e-commerce websites more quickly, and scale more efficiently, all while delivering a better user experience as a result.

Rely on the functionality of more than one app or platform to deliver a quality experience to your online shoppers. You may be a candidate for developing a headless framework.

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