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Why Headless WordPress is the Future? – Advantages of the Headless WordPress 

The content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla are referred to as “traditional” content management systems. But in recent years, the trend of using Headless WordPress has appeared and begun to gain popularity.

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Now a simple question might pop up in your mind? Is Headless WordPress is the future?

In this post, I will describe that Headless WordPress is the future & why?

First of all, you should be familiar with headless CMS…

What is a Headless WordPress?

In WordPress, the backend and the frontend are closely linked. Where administration comes in, where you can create, edit, add, and delete content, including changing appearance, we call it backend.

Therefore, simply we can understand that Headless WordPress decouples the frontend, which would be the presentation layer, and is left only with the backend, which serves as a content repository. The backend part is separate from the frontend part of the WordPress CMS. You can develop and manage the interface as a standalone application with any interface framework of your choice.

The possibility of the headless CMS to serve content to several websites, although they are on another server, is handy to facilitate the management of different projects using a single administrative interface.

These powerful features of headless WordPress say that moving to headless WordPress is a good choice.

Advantages of the Headless WordPress 

Here are some advantages of headless WordPress that make it more effective than traditional WordPress:

  • Flexibility and Freedom: A Headless CMS provides additional flexibility in choosing the programming language and framework, eliminating much of the limitations that existed with the traditional model. In addition, similar content can be used in different projects, reusing it with a simple export that is also favourable for a possible CMS change.
  • Security: You can count on an extra layer of security since, in most cases, specific security protocols and authentication services can be used. In addition, having a smaller codebase makes it more difficult for them to be victims of cyberattacks. This idea is reinforced considering that there is no direct access to the publishing environment from the database.
  • Multichannel: A Headless CMS allows you to manage your content on multiple channels with a much wider compatibility and a perfectly integrated experience for your users. The content is considered “pure” since the REST API sends the data in JSON format to be reused and read on any frontend.
  • Scalability: The separation of backend and frontend allows for greater customization, scalability, and the option to include updates without affecting performance or usability.
  • Super-fast Performance: Website Speed matters a lot, a lot. Headless WordPress proves to be highly beneficial in terms of website performance. Headless WordPress removes all the unnecessary things, mainly the front-end, which helps the website speed.

Conclusions: Why You Should Use Headless WordPress?

Obviously, I cannot answer this question for you – it is up to you, your team, and the project’s needs. As said, if you want something that just works, WordPress is a fantastic solution. Don’t let the haters humiliate you.

But if you’re thinking to do more and taking your site to the next level, then no one is better than Headless WordPress. Because headless WordPress provides you with more security, super-fast performance, and Freedom, as I mentioned earlier.

Also, Headless WordPress is future-oriented, which means it will be easier to migrate to a new service or create a new presentation layer if needed in the future.

Wanna move to Headless WordPress to make noise of your brand but don’t know how to set up headless WordPress? Don’t worry.

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I hope this article helps you understand the future and benefits of headless WordPress.

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