Top Headless Frameworks for WordPress

Top 3 Headless Frameworks for WordPress – 2022

WordPress has always been a CMS (content management system) for developers and non-developers to build and create outstanding websites quickly.

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But headless WordPress is a hot topic in the industry.

Using a headless framework where the content management backend is separated from the frontend allows maximum control over both ends.

Businesses can have more granular control over the content management backend with a headless approach. They are also free to use any headless framework of their choice.

This guide will take a closer look at the Top 3 headless frameworks for WordPress.

What is Headless WordPress

WordPress is a monolithic application with the backend and frontend parts tightly intertwined. The backend is where administration takes place, where you can create, edit, add, and delete content, including changing appearance configurations. Instead, the front end is responsible for displaying content to the user.

Headless WordPress is the term used to describe decoupled WordPress. The backend (admin) part is separate from the frontend part of the WordPress CMS. You can use any frontend framework of your choice to develop and manage the frontend as a standalone application.

Top Headless Frameworks for WordPress 

1. Frontity 

Frontity is One of the best Headless frameworks for WordPress to quickly create your headless WordPress website.

Frontity is a React framework for WordPress that is the easiest way to create lightning-fast sites using WordPress and React. Frontity makes it easier to use WordPress as a headless CMS (Content Management System).

Along with a headless framework, Frontity also is an alternative rendering engine for WordPress.

2. Faust.js 

Our following headless framework is Faust.js. Faust.js provides tools to use WordPress as the headless CMS.

Faust.js really has a pleasant experience for website developers who regularly build headless WordPress websites.

Faust.js framework also has a WordPress plugin called FaustWP developed by WP Engine. With this plugin, you can redirect content, enable post previews, and ensure that your headless WordPress website runs perfectly.

3. Sanity

Our following headless framework for WordPress is Sanity. It is an open-source headless CMS based on JavaScript and React.js.

Sanity has many valuable and exciting features like WYSIWYG rich text editor, Sweet Query API, real-time collaboration and content versioning, etc.

These handy features help developers quickly build and use WordPress as a headless CMS.

Headless WordPress and the benefits it brings are here to stay for a while. Its popularity will continue to grow as more developers, and website owners begin to understand the benefits of headless solutions.


Headless WordPress is an incredible innovation with tremendous advantages.

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I hope this article on the best Headless Frameworks for WordPress helps you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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