5 Best Headless WordPress Websites Showcase

Headless WordPress getting popular over the last few years. Because of its features, performance, and security.

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That’s many huge brands moved to headless WordPress.

With a headless WordPress website, you can separate the front-end and back-end of your website. You can use this method to generate a static copy of your site, which can drastically improve load times, overall performance, security, and management process.

In today’s article, we will show you the top 5 headless WordPress websites for inspiration.

5 Best Headless WordPress Websites Showcase

TechCrunch developer redesigned their website with headless WordPress in March 2018 to deliver an, even more, better user experience.

Their main motive to move to headless WordPress is to eliminate the need to fully load pages every time (you just have to click on any article, it will expand instantly), easier to maintain, faster performance, website behaves more like a native application.

2. Frontity

Frontity is a React framework for WordPress that is using headless WordPress itself with a React.js front end.

Frontity loads super fast and has a perfect user experience. One Interesting thing about frontity is if you go to their Footer and click on About Us, the page will open without loading.

Just like TechCrunch, if you go to the Frontity Blog page, they have also the Same features as TechCrunch has. There is no need to fully load blog posts every time.

3. K2 Sports

KE Sports is the next perfect example of a headless WordPress website. K2 Sports is a sports Website as its name says. Their mission is to create the most innovative tools for their consumers to provide the best experiences and push the sports culture.

K2 Sports give us an experience as we feel in an app. It loads super fast and has a perfect user experience because of lack of load.

K2 Sports also has some more websites K2 SKIS, RIDE SNOWBOARDS, etc that are also built with headless WordPress.

4. TikTok Creator Portal

TikTok Creator Portal is another perfect example of headless WordPress. On TikTok Creator Portal you can explore basics about TikTok like how to get started, fundamentals of success, etc.

If we ask someone which Website is most visited of 2021? You answer Google. But no, TikTok is the most visited Website of 2021.

That shows how slick user experience they provide ok their website. On TikTok Creator Portal, your desired page or resource post is only one click away. Just click and it’s on your device.

5. Forbes Africa

Forbes Africa is an Africa franchise of Forbes.com that is run by ABN Publishing (Pty) Limited.

Their existing Forbes Africa was built on WordPress using a premade theme.

They redesigned and develop the website using headless WordPress. Because the site’s user experience and performance were poor and it was affecting their google rankings.

Now Forbes Africa website has a perfect user experience and layout that matches with Forbes International Website.

If you also want to move to headless WordPress because of Poor user experience and security issues. We can help.

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I hope this Headless WordPress Websites Showcase helps you to understand Headless WordPress websites features. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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