Woocommerce Login with Shortcode & Best Woocommerce Login Plugins

Sometimes we find ourselves on my account page with the login and registration options, sometimes it is more interesting to leave these separately.

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To achieve this we must use a somewhat more complex snippet, this will create a registration shortcode to use on another page for example, while the snippet will leave the login alone for my account.

So in this post, we will learn how to create a login page for Woocommerce with the shortcode. And also suggest you some best Woocommerce login plugins.

Woocommerce Login Page 

When we install Woocommerce for the first time, certain pages appear that are created automatically, such as “My Account”, “Cart”, “Checkout”, etc.

In this case, the “My Account” page only comes with a shortcode like this:


To enable this function we must activate the option “Allow customers to create an account on the My Account page”. The path is Woocommerce> Settings> Accounts and privacy as it appears in the image below:

How to Create Login Page in Woocommerce (Shortcode Method)

When this is active we can use the snippet that will separate both forms. (Access / Registration)

Finally, you will be able to use a new shortcode on a new page and only give the registration option through the shortcode:


First Create a new page for login or use the existing one then add the above-given shortcode.

Best Woocommerce Login/Registration Plugins 

1. Ultimate Member

One of the most downloaded plugins to manage user registration in WordPress is Ultimate Member. And fully compatible with Woocomerce.

This plugin has very interesting options in its free version, but if you need some more advanced extra, it also has a paid pro version, although most of the time the free version will be enough.

In addition to creating a much more attractive and customizable registration form page in our WordPress, it also adds modifications to the user profile pages.

This comes in handy if we want to give registered users a social network environment and create a community among different users.

2. RegistrationMagic

As in many cases, the RegistrationMagic plugin has a free version that is fully compatible with Woocomerce, which may be enough for most users, and a paid version, which adds extra features for users who need it.

With RegistrationMagic you can create different user registration pages and depending on where the user comes from, display one or another registration page.

For example, if they come from a mobile, it may be interesting to add the telephone field and things like that.

In addition, all records can be monitored so that we can assess our efforts in attracting users.

It incorporates a CAPTCHA system and in case we need it, we can add a payment system with Stripe and Paypal.

3. User Registration

The User Registration plugin is another great alternative that we can use to adapt the Woocommerce login page to our needs.

One of its virtues is the ease of use since the plugin has a “drag and drop” interface to create the design of the forms you need without complicating yourself much with it.

Also, like other Woocommerce login plugins, User Registration provides new user profile layouts, which can be edited by users themselves.

This is interesting if our WordPress users or subscribers are important to our project.

All the forms we create with User Registration are adapted to mobile devices.

4. Profile Builder

From its name, Profile Builder seems like a plugin more focused on user profiles than user registration, but it is also a powerful tool for our WordPress login pages.

To build the forms they use a drag and drop builder, so it is not complicated at all, and in the free version of the plugin you have all the necessary tools to manage your registrations and user profiles.

In the question of user profiles, you can choose the contents to show according to the user’s role.

For example, simple subscribers can have a basic profile and collaborators options with extra privileges, something that other plugins do not offer.

It also has a reCAPTCHA system, something almost essential today to avoid the numerous bots found on the Internet.

And all this is in the free version, so the Profile Builder plugin is an option to consider.


The simplest method is adding Woocommerce login to your online store using the shortcode that I have given above. You can easily implement a login page to your Woocommerce store.

But in case you need a Woocommerce login page with more features, modern design, and attractiveness, we prefer using Woocommerce login plugins. So I have listed some best Woocommerce login plugins.

I hope this article helps you understand the Woocommerce login system and how you can implement it. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to share them below in the comment box.

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