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4 WordPress Login Erros and How to Fix Them Easily – 2022

WordPress is one of the biggest CMS platforms. But it does not mean there are no problems or issues. WordPress is a compelling platform but still has issues.

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One of the most hectic issues is not being able to log into your WordPress panel. There are many reasons for that, but how you can fix that problem?

This article will discuss common WordPress login issues and learn how to fix them step by step.

1. Site Not Secure Error on Login Page

Site not secure wordpress login page

“Not Secure” error usually shows when your site does not have an SSL certificate.

But what if you have an SSL certificate on your website but still face a “not secure” error? This happens when your SSL is not configured correctly.

If you really haven’t an SSL installed on your website, just install it to fix the error. I have an SSL but still facing the issue. Continue reading below.

Well, let’s see how you can fix it.

There are two methods to fix it. First, use a plugin (basically a redirection plugin), and second through the backend of your website.

One of the easiest ways to fix the “your site is not secure” error is using a WordPress plugin.

Let’s see how a plugin can do this job for you.

Fix Using Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL) Plugin

Easy HTTPS Redirection plugin is a perfect solution for not secure sites. It can make your site SSL compatible easily and can automatically redirect you to a secure login page.

Let’s dig into the process:

Step 1: First of all, install and activate the plugin by going to Plugins > Add New.

Step 2: Now go to Settings > HTTPS Redirection

Step 3: Just Enable automatic redirection to the “HTTPS” option and hit the save changes button.

HTTPS Redirection Settings

From now you will have a secure WordPress login page.

2. “Login Credentials (username/password) are Incorrect” Error

This is a common WordPress login error that may appear when you enter the wrong username and password or maybe password or username only.

To log in to the WordPress dashboard, you need to enter the correct username and password that you entered while creating your blog/website.

No worries, getting a new password is not a big deal.

You just have to click on forget password URL on the WordPress login page.

Enter the email address you are using for your WordPress website (the other email will not work). And simply hit the Get New Password button.

You will get an email with a password reset link. The link will work only for a time. The next time you click on the link, it will not work.

Now click on the link, and you will have a page where you have to enter a new password. Just make a strong and rememberable password and click on the Save Password.

3. Too Many Login Attempts 

This may happen to your website because you may use a security plugin that limits login attempts on your site.

For example, you are using the Limit Login Attempts Reloaded plugin for security purposes, and that plugin temporarily bans you if you enter invalid login credentials too many times.

Now you have to wait a period of time to attempt your login or deactivate the plugin from cPanel.

To deactivate a plugin from cPanel, just go to your cPanel, head over to wp-content/plugins, and now rename that security plugin. Once you rename the plugin file, it will automatically deactivate the plugin.

Go Back To The Original WordPress Login URL

Now you will be able to log in to your WordPress website and make sure you enter valid credentials.

4. 404 Error on Login Page

Have you changed the login page URL using a plugin?

Changing the login URL can be a significant step toward the security of your WordPress website, but what if you forget or something is not going your way that occurs a 404 error?

404 Error appears when the server sends the HTTP code to the user when the URL they are trying to access does not exist. If you have changed your login page URL, then your old or default login URL will not work.

Now return to the default login URL. You have to deactivate or delete that plugin from cPanel.

I have already mentioned how to deactivate a plugin from cPanel, but again here we go:

To deactivate a plugin from cPanel, go to your cPanel, then wp-content/plugins, and now rename that security plugin. Once you rename the plugin file, it will automatically deactivate the plugin. And you will be able to reach your login page.

For those who prefer a video version, I am going to leave a video below where you can learn about common WordPress login errors and how to fix them:


You may see many errors while exploring WordPress, but it is one of the most frustrating when it comes to login page errors.

So in this post, I tried to make sense of WordPress login errors. And discussed how you could solve them. I hope this article helps you solve WordPress login issues.

If you are stuck somewhere while fixing the error or have a question, feel free to leave a comment below. We will get back to you.

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