Best Payment Gateway Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 Payment Gateway plugins for WooCommerce – 2022

One of the essential things in any online store is the payment methods or payment gateways (along with the shipping methods in the case of stores that send physical products). That is precisely what we will talk about in this article.

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In today’s article, we will share the top 5 payment plugins for WordPress that you can use to collect payment online from your Woocomerce website.

1. Stripe – WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe is one of the most popular Stripe payment gateway plugins for WordPress that allows you to collect payments online from your WordPress website using credit cards.

With the help of Stripe, you can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, SEPA, Sofort, iDEAL, giropay, Alipay, and more on your online store with for WooCommerce, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay for both, mobile and desktop.

Stripe is similar to Paypal, it serves as a virtual wallet, and at the same time, it serves as a virtual POS, allowing you to pay with credit cards.

2. PayPal

PayPal is one of the best WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins. PayPal is PCI compliant (PCI ensures your customers’ information is carefully protected).

PayPal is available in 202 countries and allows us to accept payments in 25 currencies, and offers us 24×7 account monitoring Along with advanced encryption and fraud protection.

3. 2Checkout (Verifone) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

First of all, you should know 2Checkout is now Verifone.

2Checkout (Verifone) is also a good payment plugin for WordPress. It has the same functions as Stripe or Paypal and allows accept payments by credit card.

2Checkout Payment plugin for WooCommerce allows you to accept payments on your online store from Paypal, Credit Card, MasterCard, and more.

The main advantage of 2Checkout is that payments using this system are very simple. It is a free plugin to use 2Checkout in WooCommerce, and its configuration is quite simple.

4. Payment Gateway For WooCommerce

Our following preferred Payment Gateway Plugin for your WordPress is to accepts payments through credit cards worldwide on your store.

One of the best exciting features of this payment Gateway plugin is that recent unsettled transactions from can be viewed in the WordPress dashboard.

Also, you can proceed with a refund directly from your WordPress dashboard. No need to go to the dashboard.

5. WooCommerce Amazon Pay

The following suitable payment Gateway plugin is WooCommerce Amazon Pay, developed by Woocomerce. There is a free module to integrate Amazon Pay payments with WooCommerce.

The Amazon payment system is relatively new if we compare it with the other payment gateways.

Amazon Pay has the advantage that people usually trust Amazon a lot; their commissions are more or less like those of Paypal for customers who do not have a lot of business. Charges are 2.9% + 0.30 per transaction.

Amazon Pay protects customers from possible fraud and problems. On the other hand, they “presume” that they are the most adapted to use on mobile devices and, in the case of WooCommerce, fully compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions for periodic payments by subscription.


These all payment Gateway plugins for WordPress can also be integrated with several other plugins.

For any online store, payment is essential since payment is one of the most delicate processes of the entire purchase process of a user in our online store. In addition, we must also take into account the commission percentages of the different payment methods and the treatment that we obtain with the service.

Choosing a good payment gateway plugin from thousands of Payment Gateway plugins available out there can be tricky. But our list of Payments Gateways surely helps you out.

Hence in terms of customizability and integration, the PayPal gateway plugin can be at the top of your list of Best Payment Gateway Plugins for your Woocomerce store.

Our Payment Gateway Integration and Woocomerce Services may help if you face problems or have a specific problem or recruitment.

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