Top Email Newsletter Services under $10

Top Email Newsletter Services under $10 Compared for 2022

Finding a good and reasonable email newspaper service can be a bit tad hard, but in this article, you all will get to know about the top 6 email newsletter services, which are just under $10. The best way to connect with your audience and turned them into current paying customers can be done easily with email newsletter marketing. Not only this, but you can also establish a strong customer bond.

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So without any further ado, let’s begin with this guide where you all will learn about the top 6 email newsletter services.

Email Marketing in a nutshell – Definition, and Importance

Preparing a list of new products, schemes, offers, discounts, and other services which is being sent via email to existing or new customers is known as “email marketing.” In simple words, you do marketing that is advertising or promoting through email. In this, the email is generated and is sent to all the customers.

Importance of Email Marketing 

Email marketing can be very profitable if done well or by using a great medium. Email newsletter services can be very rewarding and increase brand value. 

  • Helps in business promotion – When you send an email newsletter to your customers, it will interest them. It will make them feel that they are important, which will increase the bond between the customer and the business. In this way, they will promote your products and services to their relatives, etc. Hence, eventually promoting your business. 
  • Enhance sales of new products and services –Sometimes, selling new products and services can be hard. But when you use email marketing that makes a built-in email of new products and services and sends it to your customer, you will find some sudden sales boost. You can also give schemes and offers on new products and services to make more revenue and attract new customers. The sole reason is the bond you have created through this email newsletter marketing. 
  • Engages your customer throughout – When you send emails about events or new deals, you engage your customers throughout the journey. This interests them more in your business which can be beneficial in increasing more customers and revenues.

6 Email Newsletter Services Under $10

1. Cake Mail

With just $7 a month, this email newsletter service is a boon for many businesses out there. This tool


helps you make your own branded templates and segmentation features, and you can also manage your subscribers. It has sleek features that help its customers focus more on the business. You can send emails to up to 6000 free subscribers. You can also go for other plans if you wish.

2. MailerLite


Yet another email newsletter service providing powerful features to their customers. They let you create beautiful and minimalistic templates for your emails. They have features that let you build a good relationship with your business. MailerLite also has an A/B test campaign at just $10 per month. They also provide a free plan for up to 12000 subscribers where you can send them emails for free. You need to clear out the free plan to get the $10 per month package.

3. Moosend


Priced at just $9 a month, it is a fully functioning, affordable email newsletter service. It has appealing campaign templates that convert into sales. Their AI feature also helps in boosting sales. Moosend has a free plan of sending unlimited emails to their 1000 customers. 

4. MailChimp


This email newsletter service is affordable for newbies or even normal businesses who want to try out this service. It provides various benefits like tagging subscribers, campaigns, and automated workflow. It offers various marketing tools at just $11 per month. Yes, it is not under $10, but you can have many beneficiaries even with just a single dollar up. Mailchimp gives 2000 free subscribers options too. 

5. SendPulse


This email marketing service is a multi-channel service where you can get done with your newsletter at just $8 per month. They have many features like drag down editor, personalization, and automation to build more connections with their customers. Suppose you have more subscribers, then you can go for their free plan. There you can send the newsletter to 500 subscribers. 

6. RedCappi


Last but not least, this simple yet elegant email newsletter platform is reasonable and is full of benefits. They have their interface with many key elements like drag and drop editor. You can also build an inbuilt automated email and send it without hassle. They have A/B testing campaigns too. Further, they provide unlimited emails to just 100 customers or subscribers but to move further, you will have to buy the package of $10 a month. 


Getting the right newsletter marketing tool is important as it will partially decide your business’s future relationship with your clients. All the sales, revenues, and other key factors depend on how well you build a good relationship. So buy a good and reliable email newsletter service that can help in boosting your business. So go ahead and choose any of these services. You will surely get your desired result.

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