How to get Free Traffic with Product Schema

Schema markup is essentially code that can be inserted into your website. Schema markup is also known as structure data.

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Schema markup gives a better understanding to Google about the structure of your website. Achieve more significant traffic and thereby increase click rates.

If you have an e-commerce store and website, product schema is also necessary to perform well in SERPs.

Today’s article will discuss product schema markup—the benefits of product schema and how to add product schema markup to your e-commerce website.

What is Product Schema Markup?

Product schema markup is code that can be embedded in your E-commerce website. Schema markup is the best technical SEO practice to help search engines provide better results in SERPs.

In other words, Product schema provides more information about your products. Product schema implementation increases the chances of getting rich snippets in search results pages.

Here is an example of a product schema rich snippets that show how rich snippets look like:

You can add a variety of schema markups depending on your website needs.

Here are some examples of schema types:

  • Amount 
  • Reviews
  • Star rating 
  • Availability
  • Currency schema
  • Price range
  • Payment options
  • Store hours and so on.

The options are endless. Regardless of the services or products you sell, you can use product schema markup to improve your search engine listings.

Schema markup or structured data can be added to a website in three formats:

  • Microdata
  • RDFa

Product Schema Helps Increase Website Traffic

Yes, schema markup helps increase website traffic since Google has more information about your article content.

There are multiple key benefits of adding product schema markup to your website. 

Here are some benefits:

  • By adding product schema to your products pages, google will have more information about your product. That will help google robots to understand your page better.
  • Adding schema markup helps increase website traffic.
  • Schema markup increase chances of getting more clicks (increase CTR)
  • You will get more reviews on your products or services.
  • Get more sales and conversions.
  • Google will add your products to its shopping section if your product page has a valid product schema.
  • We can consider it a somewhat free website promotion or advertisement on google because your website will show up in google’s shopping section.
  • Schema markup helps increase brand awareness.


Adding product schema is one of the best technical SEO practices for your Woocomerce store or website. Schema markups help increase website traffic and promote your website’s products.

Google always tries to improve their search results, so in the future, maybe we will see some more schema markups for Woocomerce’s Website growth.

Our Woocomerce services are also worth trying if you need Woocomerce experts that help you in your Woocomerce Website growth and maintenance.

I hope this article helps you understand product schema markup. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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