Core Web Vitals case study of Marine Insight

Marine Insight Core Web Vitals Case Study – 22.9k to 48.8M Impressions of Good URLS

We came across a curious case study of our Core Web Vitals service.

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We will learn how our team of experts fixed Core Web Vitals issues (FIDCLS, and LCP) of our client’s Website. After that, the total percentage of good URLs on the Website increased.

In this post, with a good excuse, we will analyze a case study, something that we believe can be very useful to share with those Websites affected badly because of Google’s Core Web Vitals update.

We hope to continue contributing our day-to-day experiences, case studies, difficulties we face, and help articles for different levels, always with the clear objective of helping.

So let’s dive into this Core Web Vitals case study.

Case Study of Improving Core Web Vitals

Now I will introduce you to this Core Web Vitals case study, where the project came from, and why we had to start investigating what had happened so vehemently.

customer came to us for our CWV (Core Web Vitals) service on 29 May 2021. He has a WordPress website, Marine Insight, with many Core Web Vitals errors.

It is a website that we started working on 15 June 2021. The client’s Website has only 1.1% Good URLs, and 22.9k are total impressions of good URLs that are not a good sign for search engine optimization (SEO).

See the below-given screenshot:

CWV failing URLs

Our experts started working on the client’s Website on 15 May 2021. And in September, good URLs began to increase very strongly.

Days go by, and now you know what? The client’s Website has gone from 1.1% Good URLs and 22.9k total Impressions of good URLs to 95% good URLs and 48.4M (million) total Impressions of good URLs:

Page Experience report - Google Chrome

Is it not crazy?

Now Website has a great user experience, good CLS, FID, and LCP scores, and totally CWV errors accessible.

We were clear that what was happening with that Website’s Core Web Vitals score was very good and that the CWV score of the Website had increased.

Page Speed Score after Customizations 

Before our CWV experts started work on Marine Insight, page speed score was 65-70 out of 100. That was poor.

After we made optimizations to improve Core Web Vitals and page speed here is the result.

  • For Mobile 94+
  • For Desktop 99-100

See in the screenshot:

Page speed score for desktop

What Changes We Did on Our Client’s Website?

We have made some optimization to our client’s Website to fix Core Web Vitals errors and make their website loading speed fast.

Here are some optimizations we have done:

  1. Eliminate render-blocking resources
  2. Reduce unused CSS
  3. Reduce unused JavaScript
  4. Proper caching
  5. Image optimization 
  6. Improve server response time 
  7. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

Our experts always make sure that changes they make without affecting the client’s website functionality.

What are the Benefits of a CWV Errors Free Website?

If your Website has no Core Web Vitals error, your Website should be fast loading as a rocket.

Here are some benefits that a CWV Errors-free website has. 

  • Higher Conversion Rate: If the Website’s loading is slow, the user will leave without completing any action. According to multiple studies, a single second delay in loading can translate into a 7% loss in conversion.
  • Lower Bounce Rate: If the page load time is too high, what is likely to happen is that the user leaves the page without even having seen it. This causes the bounce rate to skyrocket. Many studies claim that Internet users do not wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load.
  • Greater User Experience: One of the critical factors for a successful website is it is easy to use. The user experience or UX (User eXperience) allows a website or application to be accessible to all users and generate conversions. A fast website gives a great user experience to users.
  • Higher ROI (Return on Investment):  The ROI is the number that indicates whether a project will have benefits or not and whether it is feasible to continue with it. For example, Amazon estimated that only – a 1-second delay in loading your page would cost up to 1.6 billion dollars in annual sales. Amazing, right?
  • Increased Indexing: Search engine spiders have a limited time visiting each Website and indexing it. If the loading speed is slow, the spider will not crawl the URL for lack of time and will not index it, which will cause your Website not to appear in the search engines.


This is how we helped clients reach perfect Core Web Vitals scores. Also, I mentioned some tips and tricks that we have used on our client’s Website to increase website speed and fix Core Web Vitals errors. I hope those tips and this Core Web Vitals case study can help you.

If you are also facing Core Web Vitals errors, it affects your Website badly. So we are here to help.

We have a development team that significantly fixes CWV (Core Web Vitals) errors for our clients for the highest Website Speed and Performance. So drop us a message or see our Affordable Pricing if you’re struggling with Core Web Vitals stuff, and we’ll fix all Core Web Vitals errors for you.

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