Increase Email Open Rate

5 Proven Methods to Increase Email Open Rate

Likely, a good number of your followers have not opened the emails you send them. This is something usual in any campaign. Even so, it is possible to reverse this trend if you implement the following tips to improve your email open rate.

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So in this blog post we will discuss best proven ways to increase email open rate:

1. Review Your List of Subscribers

  • Use a double opt-in system:

Make sure that the people who are on your subscriber list have voluntarily signed up. Otherwise, they will surely not be interested in receiving or opening the contents that we are sending them.

Sometimes one may become a subscriber without knowing it, such as by accidentally checking a box. One way to ensure that our subscribers really want to receive content is through a two-step system.

We call this system the double opt-in and it consists in that, once the person has subscribed, we send him an email with a link. If this person really wants to subscribe, they will click on the link in the email.

As soon as you have clicked on the link, your subscription will be activated.

  • Update your database:

Some of the people who subscribed to your page may have changed their emails. When you launch the campaign, you will find several bounced emails.

We recommend that when you finish a shipment you review these emails and delete them from your database. In this way, you will increase the opening rate of your campaigns.

2. Know Your Audience and Segment your Campaigns

Try not to send emails to the entire database. The key is to segment your subscribers to offer them the content that interests each one of them the most. How to segment? This already depends on your strategy. Here are some ideas:

  • Sex
  • Geographic location
  • Position in the company you work for
  • Interest in receiving commercial offers
  • Type of downloads made on your website or blog
  • Type of pages visited on your website or blog 
  • and more

3. Choose Best Day and Time to Send Emails 

In general, Monday is usually a bad day to send emails, since we come back from the weekend and find ourselves with an overflowing inbox; we almost always dedicate it to planning our week, cleaning emails, and tidying up. On Friday, the same: we want to leave the tray clean or take care of last-minute matters to go quietly for the weekend.

What is, then, the best time and day for sending emails? It depends a lot on the profile of our audience and the type of job they have. I recommend that you put yourself in the place of your audience.

You can do an A/B Test and send it at different times to see which one gives you better open rates. 

4. Take Maximum Care of First Impressions

You already know that first impressions count a lot. When we launch an email, the first elements that the person who receives it will see are the name, the subject line, and the preview of the first lines of our email.

Everything you do will affect the so-called email branding, so you have to work them well so that they are interested in opening our mail. You can give it the following form:

  • Customize the Sender:

It is recommended that we personalize our emails as much as we can. The idea is to configure each message with the first and last name. In other words, instead of putting senders such as “ ” or “Commercial Department”, we can opt for simpler and more direct solutions, as is the case of: “Vishal – Marketing manager”.

  • Personalize the Subject Line:

This is your opportunity to convince them, in a few words, to open your email. When launching your campaign, I advise you to do an A/B test to test two different issues. This will let you know which one works best with your database.

  • Customize the Preview of your Email Text:

It is the text that we see before opening an email, after the subject. By default, it is usually the preview of the first lines of the text of your email. It must be brief, attractive, and direct. 

5. Beat Spam Filters

On some occasions, our emails may be classified as spam. To avoid this, it is essential to have an idea of ​​how these types of filters work.

There is also a tool called MailTester, which measures how spammy your emails are. I invite you to try it!

I hope this article has been of interest to you. If you know other tricks that can help increase the opening rate during email marketing campaigns, I encourage you to share them in the comments section. I wait for you!

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