How WordPress 5.9 will boost Core Web Vitals scores by 33%

Since Google announced its Core Web Vitals update, WordPress working to improve Core Web Vitals to its Users. 

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WordPress 5.9 update may improve a Core Web Vitals Metric by 33%. In this article, we are going to learn how WordPress 5.9 update will automatically improve a Core Web Vitals metric called Largest Contentful Paint.

How WordPress 5.9 Improve Largest Contentful Paint 

If you’ve been staying up to date on the latest google algorithm updates you know that core web vitals have become a major ranking signal in recent months but unfortunately most website owners still don’t know how to tackle the issues associated with poor core web vitals.

Well if your website is built on WordPress there’s good news testing on WordPress 5.9 revealed that it could boost your largest contentful paint metric by up to 33%.

Largest contentful paint refers to the amount of time it takes for the largest element on your website or webpage to load and the amount of time it takes for a user to finally be able to interact with it.

WordPress developers team is proposing is to exclude adding the lazy loading attribute to the first image or iframe of the code.

WordPress developers tested this method on the 50 most popular WordPress themes and found that adding it to the first image or iframe element provided an average improvement in LCP Core Web Vitals score of 7% on average.

The developer then tested how well LCP s ‘is improved by adding lazy loading to two elements. Performance gains dropped by 2% on average, clearly showing that excluding lazy loading of multiple items did not improve LCP.

New WordPress Lazy Loading Test Results

  •  5% of the themes in the test achieved 10% lower LCP scores at 21% lower.
  •  42% of the themes improved LCP scores from 10% to 33% better.
  •  Tests revealed that the benefits were better for the majority of themes tested.


It can be tough to fix but with WordPress 5.9 looks like it could fix the issue for improving your overall core web vital scores significantly if you haven’t already had a look at those page speed insights see if the largest contentful paint is a problem and if your website’s on WordPress consider updating to this latest version and you should know more about core web vitals and how to define all the terms associated with them.

Hope this article is helpful. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.

Official WordPress Announcement:
Refining WordPress Core’s Lazy-loading Implementation.

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