How to Solve FID issue: Longer than 100ms in GSC- 2021

Have you seeing a Core Web Vitals Error in your Google search Console: FID issue longer than 100ms? Don’t worry it is not hard to solve as hard you are thinking.

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Google always trying to give a better user experience to its users. Earlier this year (2021), Google introduced Core Web Vitals, a new metric that combines existing UX signals to give users an overall view of the experience for any page on the web.

In this article, we will learn how you can fix the Google search Console error FID issue longer than 100ms error.

What Is the Fid (First Input Delay)?

The First Input Delay is another metric imposed by Google to measure the speed of a page to the answer to any interaction from the user.

  • The FID measures user interactivity and the responsiveness of the web.
  • It is characterized by being a ‘direct’ metric, that is, it cannot be simulated, since real user interaction is required to measure the delay of the page response.

The main cause of a poor FID is heavy JavaScript execution. Optimizing the way JavaScript parses, compiles, and executes on your web page will directly lower the FID.

  • Good: less than 100 milliseconds
  • Need Improvements: up to 300 milliseconds    
  • Bad: more than 300 milliseconds    

How to Solve FID issue: longer than 300ms

First of all go to your Google Search Console dashboard and then go to the Core Web Vitals report.

  1. Now click on error ( fid issue longer than 100ms) and then details.
  2. After seeing that affected page URL, analyze that URL in Pagespeed Insights.
  3. Check the report and Improve FID Score and send it to validation.

Follow Comprehensive Guide on How to Improve First Input Delay and send it for validation after improving.


Check again after 28 days in Google Search Console, I hope FID issue: longer than 300ms issue is gone.

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