Guide to Google’s AMP Page Experience Tool – 2021

As an open-source technology created by Google, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) condenses a set of tools that facilitate the development of optimized web pages in terms of accelerating their loading on mobile devices.

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Currently, Google has decided to include an indicator associated with the page experience, something done as part of the criteria that will be used by this company in its next update to determine the ranking in search results.

Based on this, Google took the initiative to carry out the development of a tool that would support the AMP community, to guarantee that all AMP domains adhere to the parameters established in the experience ranking signal. of page, resulting in the AMP Page Experience Guide.

This tool provides the user with all the actionable information related to the AMP parameters so that the user can use them to verify that their AMP pages are performing subject to the metrics associated with the Google page experience ranking signal, as well as the Core Web Vitals standards.

What is the UX or User Experience?

The experience of the user (UX) is the process of increasing user satisfaction by improving accessibility, usability, and efficiency of interaction of the user with the websites. It is neither more nor less than the sensations that users have when visiting a web page.

Conversion rate and user experience are undoubtedly related. If the user experience of a website is well worked, people will repeat. Keep reading, we will tell you how to improve the user experience.

This widens the funnel, as increased engagement on a page translates to more conversions.

That is why having a good UX design increases the conversion rate.

How to AMP Page Experience Tool

All we have to do is enter the AMP URL of our page in the to then get a general indication of its performance.

With the AMP Page Experience Guide, we will obtain all the metrics we need to investigate the performance of our website.

However, the case may occur in which this tool does not generate any alert on how to improve the CLS, a situation that will require taking action on our part and communicating the problem to the AMP team.

AMP’s page experience guide supports its analysis on the use of public APIs such as PageSpeed ​​Insights, Mobile-Friendliness Test, and Safe Browsing, which is why it is necessary to ask the developers to manually check everything related to the experience report.


So this is how you can use Google’s AMP Page Experience tool to improve your website performance.

When users are willing to spend time on a site, it is a promising sign that the page is easy to navigate. They are also likely to be comfortable, enjoy the experience, and visit multiple pages.

A customer success survey measures visitor satisfaction. It is a good starting point on how to improve the user experience. Ask about customer satisfaction, their willingness to recommend the product or service to others, and whether they achieved their goals during their visit.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions then don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment box.

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