Google Publisher Centre Guide

Google Publisher Center Guide for 2022

Getting featured in Google News can be an easy way to drive a high traffic volume to your blog or business website. 

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Launched in 2002, the platform became one of the primary sources of information for many, reaching 280 million active users. All Android phones can receive news through Google Discover, a modern version of Google Publisher Centre.

This platform has great potential to give visibility to the websites that appear added to the platform.

Have you not added your site to Google Publisher Centre? So in this article, we will discuss Google Publisher Centre, a beginner-friendly guide.

What is Google Publisher Centre? 

Google News (known as Google Publisher Centre for bloggers) was a platform created by Google to bring together the most relevant news published in various online media and show it to users on the same platform and following their preferences. 

From Google News, users could access news published globally, share articles or save them in bookmarks, and subscribe to topics of interest or specific media.

Its successor (Google Discover) is still known as Google News since it offers practically the same functionalities. 

As a difference between the two platforms, we can point out that Google Discover can show older content to users if it thinks interesting. Hence, the latest information loses some relevance.

How Does Good Publisher Centre/ Google News Work? 

Google News (or Discover) is not an online medium and does not publish its own news but is responsible for aggregating the news published by other media. 

To choose this content and show it to a specific user, it considers the geographical region and the user’s language, the importance of the topic, the authority of the page, and its usability (for example, if it has a fast load time).

The content that appears falls into three categories:

  • Featured content for everyone and selected by Google algorithms brings together the same topics for users in the same geographical region and who speak the same language. The algorithms establish which news is displayed and in what order it will appear. 
  • Personalized content is chosen following the preferences indicated by the user, together with the previous activity that the user has shown on Google and associated pages (for example, YouTube). Thus, Google stores information about the user’s interests and then shows news that may be interesting to the reader.
  • News on specifically chosen topics. In Google News (now also in Discover), the user can ‘follow’ topics of interest.

What are the Requirements to Appear on Google News? 

Before, the website had to be dedicated exclusively to publishing news, although these could belong to a niche topic and not be general.

However, now content from other websites and in different formats, such as YouTube videos, can also appear.

Thus, the only requirement is to comply with Google News policies.

How to Optimize Your Website to Appear in Google News 

Follow Technical SEO

Google News prioritizes posts from websites that have the following characteristics: 

  • Mobile-friendly content: keep in mind that the content is designed to be consulted from a mobile device.
  • Images: Google wants the news feed to be attractive, so don’t forget about the visual part.
  • Quality content: Remember that Google will show the content only if it considers that it is relevant to the reader.
  • Current content: Although the new Google News also shows older content, writing about trends is an excellent way to rank and get more clicks.

Work on SEO

SEO optimization consists of making it easier for Google’s algorithms to understand a page’s content and position it among the first positions in the search results. SEO is also essential in Google News, and it is vital to have structured data such as title and keywords, among others.

In GSC (Google Search Console), you can see how much traffic comes from this platform and see what content works best. You should note that this information only appears on sites that have exceeded a certain number of impressions (if it does not appear, it means that the impressions from this source are insignificant).

Choose a specialized niche

It is difficult for small or medium-sized businesses to compete with established mainstream media outlets. Therefore, to appear in Google News, it is more efficient to focus on a specialized news niche and position information about it, publishing continuously and daily.

Show your authority

As with general SEO work, Google News prioritizes authoritative news websites. Thus, the information must be accessible and transparent. The sources are known, and who is behind the publication (both the author and the company that publishes the news).


That’s what is Google Publisher Centre and how it works.

If you submit your website to google news through Google Publisher Centre, it can be the most significant traffic source.

We can say that Google News is one of the best news and article platforms most used worldwide. You are probably very interested in adding your website there to expand even more and get more public interested in your content.

I hope this article helps you understand Google Publisher Centre or Google news. If you want to discuss something, leave a comment below.

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