Headless WordPress Opensource GitHub Project Repositories

3 WordPress Headless OpenSource Github Project Repositories + Live demos

WordPress is lightning in the CMS for 19 years. Over 30% of websites are built with WordPress.

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Now things are changing Accordingly to new technologies and human behavior. No one wants to wait. And now website development changing with Headless CMS or headless WordPress.

Big brand Websites and blogs are moving to headless WordPress with cool headless WordPress projects like Faust.js.

The main work of these Headless WordPress projects is using WordPress as a headless CMS without using third-party platforms or services.

So in today’s, we will see the best 3 Headless WordPress Opensource GitHub Project Repositories build headless WordPress easily.

What is Headless WordPress?

Traditional WordPress or CMS by default, connects the site admin panel, the database with the content, and the public part that all users see into a single whole.

In Headless WordPress or CMS, the last element – the interface for displaying data in the public part – is missing. That is, the user (site owner or content manager) still has a database with content and an admin panel that allows you to quickly manage this content, but by default, it is not tied to any site where these materials would be displayed for third-party users.

Instead, Headless CMS provides an external API (RESTful or GraphQL) through which you can transfer data from the admin panel to the website or mobile application in a universal format on request and display them under the design.

This means that when using Headless CMS, the “head” of a site or other project needs to be designed from scratch. At first glance, it seems that using traditional CMS is preferable because in this case more functionality is provided out of the box, but each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages.

3 Headless WordPress Open Source GitHub Project Repositories

1. Frontity

Basically, Frontity is a React framework for headless WordPress. With the help of Frontity, you can build headless WordPress easily with React and WordPress.

Frontity is an Open Source headless WordPress framework and is free to use.

Frontity is really straightforward to use and developed to be used with WordPress, they also provide many common queries already built-in that help us in starting our headless WordPress building.

They also provide live Demos so that users can check how it works and how they can build headless WordPress easily.

You can check out Live Demo HERE and showcases HERE.

Watch below given video if you want help building Headless WordPress with Frontity:

2. Faust.js

Our next headless WordPress Opensource GitHub Project Repository is Faust.js.

Faust.js is also a headless WordPress frontend framework developed by WP engine. They provide many tools that use WordPress as a headless CMS.

Faust.js headless WordPress offers us a set of npm packages, tools, and guides to get you started with headless WordPress sites with the help of React/Next.js/etc.

WP Engine shared that “Faust.js headless WordPress currently has over 300 stars and 19 contributors on GitHub project repository and 150+ weekly downloads on NPM.

3. Next.js

Our next headless WordPress Opensource GitHub Project is Next.js, a React framework.

Next.js is a very popular Node.js framework that enables the easy server-side rendering of React and provides many other amazing features for building headless WordPress.

On their GitHub Project, everything is mentioned property to get started with Headless WordPress. Like what are the requirements, getting started guide, Demos, and what not?

Here are some examples of websites that started with Next.js:


WordPress is not losing ground. Today, more than 35% of the sites in the world work on it. But things and user behavior are changing.

That’s why headless WordPress is a perfect solution just because of its super-fast speed, ease to use, and one more security layer.

I hope these Headless WordPress Open source GitHub Project Repositories helps you understand or get started with Headless WordPress.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, we love to discuss.

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