What's New in Google My Business

What’s new in Google My Business in 2022 – App Removal & more

Google always tries to serve better for its users on Google’s platform. They always tried to improve the user experience on the search results page.

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So they also updated on Google My Business with some great features.

In this article।, I will discuss what’s new on google my business, what changed? We will discuss upcoming changes, what they could mean, and how marketers can use GMB better.

What’s New in Google My Business?

Google announced some major changes in Google My Business in November 2022.

Here are some major changes:

New Name: Google business profile was known as Google+ and Google Local Business.

Again in November 2021, Google My Business has been changed its platform name “Google Business Profile.”

This isn’t surprising because, in GMB Help documents, people began using the word “profile” instead of listing.

Google said that their motive behind changing their name is to “keep things simple.”

Removal of GMB App: Next change to google my business is very interesting.

Another of the changes that have surprised us has been that Google has announced that in 2022 the Google My Business app will disappear from the Play Store.

It improves usability so that everything can be updated both from the Google search page and from Google Maps.

Support Changes: Google also announced that the current GMB web portal would “transition to primarily support larger businesses with multiple locations.”

SEO and digital marketing experts have shared their reactions that Google is moving away from supporting small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, others shared that most small businesses will be minimal.

But the truth is still far away. We all have to wait a bit to see what Google serves us.


Google My Business has always been one of the best tools to work on local SEO.

Google Business Profile will continue to be a great place to work on local SEO for businesses, except that you will need to create a profile on Google Maps or Search directly.

We are a team of experts who can manage, optimize, and update the data frequently. That will be the next important step for your business to have good results and be visible with all the information for users.

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I hope this article helps you stay up to date with Google My Business.

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