Search Console tricks to increase traffic

5 Search Console Tricks to Increase Traffic Quickly in 2022

Google Search Console (GSC) is a potent free tool that can help you to increase your Website Traffic. You must know and master GSC if you want to improve your Website traffic content and detect keyword opportunities. 

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Not all queries (keywords) are attractive and beneficial. You must also assess the number of impressions per month, clicks, and average position, in addition to the authority of the competition.

There are many powerful tips and tricks to increase website traffic that you can use by helping Google Search Console.

So in today’s article, we will share 5 Google Search Console Tricks to Increase Website.

5 Best Google Search Console Tricks

1. Find New Content Ideas and Optimize Content for more Traffic. 

Once we have added our site as property and configured Google Search Console, we will go to the performance report, which will tell us how SEO traffic is evolving by keyword (queries) and by pages and will help us make decisions.

Suppose your goal is to create ContentContent and optimize it, to do good keyword analysis. In that case, I recommend using Google Search Console (the performance report) and not Google Analytics, as some professionals and entrepreneurs do.

But to get the most out of it, we must understand the following:

You will see two metrics activated when you enter the performance report: total clicks and impressions. You must start two other metrics to analyze C.T.R. and average position better. 

  • Impressions: The number of times a keyword is searched for. That is, the number of times that our Website appears due to the Google SERPs.
  • Clicks: how many times the user clicks on the result within the Google SERPs.
  • C.T.R.: It is the resulting percentage of the times that the S.E.R.P. has been clicked on the total number of times it appears. The higher the number, the better.
  • Average position: it is the position that your Website’s result occupies for a specific search. The ideal is to be as close as possible to position 1.

2. Analyze which Keywords You are Ranking for

It would be best to consider these considerations to increase your position in the Google S.E.R.P.s with your ContentContent: analyze which keywords you are ranking for.

Make sure to activate the average position metric and look at those keywords with a position to improve.

Which are? Those that start from position 3 and have many impressions. But at the same time, you will have to consider the clicks, since if you do not have any clicks and 5,000 impressions and your position is 24, it is not interesting to stop here.

On the other hand, if you receive about 6,000 impressions per month and 30 clicks in a position 9, this would be an example of a query worth working on.

And how to work it? You have two options:

  • Create a new post focused on that keyword.
  • Improve the ContentContent you already have and for which you appear with that query.

Let’s see what to do to optimize Content.

Optimize the Content with the main keyword and other long-tail keywords to improve the Content you already have. These are some SEO recommendations that you should review:

  • Add the keyword in the first paragraph, in the primary title H1, in the subtitles (H2, H3, or H4), and in the slug (final part of the URL) that must be friendly, short, and descriptive. And, of course, don’t forget to add it in the SEO title (as far left as possible).
  • If you have to modify the slug to add the keyword and shorten it, you will need to do a 301 redirect.
  • Another critical factor is the meta description. Do you have a poor and dull description? Add the keyword and create a catchphrase to make the user want to click.
  • Fill in the “alt text” field for images.
  • Answer the question of the article in the first paragraph.
  • In addition to the main keyword, add related, long-tail keywords. Look at Google’s related searches and boxes, and check out the Answer the Public tool to fill your articles with user searches related to the main topic.
  • Analyze your competition to see how they expose the Content. Do they use videos or infographics? How many words do your posts have? Those with a better reputation will have more chances of positioning themselves in the ranking.

And this is measured based on the backlinks received (links from another website that point to yours), the age of the site, the user experience, the time on the site, or the quality of the contents.

In other words, if your authority is higher, you will have more options to compete with those pages and fight for a good position.

3. Target a Specific Country Traffic

This element is essential to establish the language and country of destination.

Let’s imagine a site with a .com extension: Google does not know which country we are going to.

Of course, it deduces it from other factors, such as the language used. Still, if the site is in English, for example, you can always doubt that we are going to the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia, for example.

Therefore, in the “Country” tab, we can manually select our target country to dispel any doubts.

If our site uses a national extension such as “.in” for India or “.it” for Italy, Google will detect it automatically, and we will not be able to change it.

4. Make Use of Link Reports

We often want to position a reasonably competitive keyword. Still, even though our Website has quality and authoritative links, it does not go to the first page, and we see that it has a certain stagnation.

This can be due to several factors, but we do not usually analyze how Google sees the internal linking of our Website.

In some cases, we will see that the most linked page is not the home page, even though it may (not always) be the most crucial page on your Website.

Usually, it is because many of the footer links are repeated generally in the main menu, or the main menu is duplicated and hidden depending on whether you are in mobile or P.C. view.

Looking at this section, we can analyze the internal linking of our project, which I recommend reviewing from time to time.

It can also help us strengthen certain pages of our Website if we see that it has few internal links, although there are other more specialized tools.

With the Links report, you can analyze backlinks for better performance. If you found low-quality websites is linking to you, you can disavow those links. Also, link reports help earn more Quality backlinks: the more quality backlinks, the more website traffic.

5. Optimize Website for More Traffic from Mobile Devices

Nearly 63% of queries on Google in the United States come from mobile devices. That’s why optimizing Website for mobile devices is necessary.

But how does it help get more website traffic? Suppose that your competitor is ranking for 5th position on a keyword, and you are ranking for 6th position. If a competitor’s Website is not much Optimized for mobile devices, your Website has better mobile usability than your competitor. Then there are more chances that you can beat them in SERPs.

Mobile usability is quite similar to coverage, where it indicates pages that contain errors at the mobile usability level.

The pages are grouped by notifications, depending on the error or if everything is correct.

If we click on a URL after accessing one of these groups, the option to carry out a test in the Google mobile optimization test will also be displayed. We also have a shortcut to view the URL with the URLs Inspection tool.


Without a doubt, Google Search Console will help us make better decisions to increase website traffic, climb positions, and outperform our competitors.

Optimizing your contact and making new Content related to your ranking keywords is one of the most beneficial Tricks to increase website traffic with Google Search Console.

I hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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