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Small things make big impacts.

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To keep our audience engaged with our content or platform, we need to consider all these small things. We do everything to make impactful content for our audience to generate leads, traffic, etc.

There are many things website owners do for their audience experience on their site, share buttons, read progress bars, click to tweet and more.

Infinite scroll and read more buttons is one of them that is very helpful and valuable for our website visitors.

What is WordPress Infinite Scroll? 

If you are a user of social networks like Twitter or Facebook, even if you are used to browsing Google Images, you already know what I am talking about when saying infinite scroll.

It is a feature by which you do not have to click on links of the Next Page» type, but when you get to the bottom of a website page or post, it expands, showing more content, Infinitum.

Infinite scroll keeps our readers engaged with our content because when they reach the end of a post, they will have a new blog post without doing anything. Also, infinite scroll can help you if your website bounce rate is increasing. It will surely reduce the bounce rate.

Everything has pros and cons. So there are also some pros and cons too of infinite scroll:

Pros of Infinite Scroll 

  • You offer a navigation style that people who currently live on social networks are becoming more accustomed to, revitalizing your WordPress.
  • More time spent on your page since you already know how hard it is for the rock to click.
  • Faster access to your posts will give you more views of your content.
  • It works without adjustments in most themes.
  • Help to reduce bounce rate.

Cons of Infinite Scroll 

  • You do not see the footer practically, except for a few microseconds while it loads the next block automatically.
  • There is no way to cancel the scroll and return to the traditional method as a visitor. Remember to include a search engine, categories and stuff in the sidebar for the impatient.
  • If the visitor does not have Javascript activated in his browser, he will not see it.
  • Browser memory grows as it has to render a LOT of content in a single window.

What is the Read More Button? 

Reading more or continuing reading is a feature that helps readers to open or lead to a full blog post. 

Adding Text “read more” or “continue reading” with a link to WordPress is easy if your WordPress template follows the rules of good WordPress layout and functions, without touching a single line of code to put this button.

If, on the other hand, your theme does not seem to react to the different options that we are going to see below, it will be necessary to go to a more advanced option and modify some files of your template and style it with CSS to show the summary of your articles followed by a Read More».

How We Helped Our Customer,

One of our users came to us on 2 April 2022 and purchased our theme customization services with the requirements of adding a “Read more” button and implementing an infinite scroll feature in his WordPress website.

Within 22 days (on 28 April 2022), we did everything he required.

After seeing our work, and their required features, they are fully satisfied. Also, he shared some words regarding our theme customization services that we provided below.

Below is the demo of the infinite scroll read more feature we added without breaking the design and user experience:

What User Says About Our Service 

++++++++ Quote here+++++ 


As you can see, customers were very happy with our service, and we promise you will too.

If you want theme customization on your website or elsewhere, check out our theme customization services page or contact us. We will get back to you.

Besides theme customization services, we also provide several WordPress services that help you grow faster. Don’t forget to check out our services page, where you can find all our services.

I hope this article helps you understand and read more about Infinite Scroll features on any website. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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