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How to Integrate PayPal with Woocommerce – 2022

Woocommerce payment gateways are one of the important things in an eCommerce business. However, every Woocommerce store owner setup payment gateways based on their audience region.

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Woocommerce supports lots of handy payment gateways, and PayPal is one of them. Every single day an average of 41M online transactions are done via PayPal and 1.6M+ website owners use PayPal.

In this, we are gonna learn how to integrate PayPal with Woocommerce easily in a few steps.

Introducing PayPal 

Paypal is a payment gateway solution with much more history than other Woocommerce Payment Gateways. They have been on the market for 24 years.

PayPal has become one of the most used payment services worldwide since online purchases have been growing, and in many of them this payment method is chosen.

Both in its desktop version and the mobile app, PayPal allows you to access a variety of really useful functions on a commercial and personal level.


  • Simple registration
  • Available in the browser, Android & IOS
  • It connects with your bank accounts and/or cards
  • Offers security for online purchases
  • Send and receive money using only your email
  • Compatible with dozens of payment gateways around the world
  • Allows you to make digital invoices for transactions
  • Customizable links for direct debit payments
  • Availability of personal accounts, for sellers and/or companies
  • Immediate transactions
  • Buyer Protection Policy
  • Allows you to request a refund


On the other hand, many users express dissatisfaction with some of its most forceful disadvantages:

  • High transaction fees
  • Possibility of retention of funds
  • Funds limit for unverified accounts
  • Buyer protection policies (disadvantage for sellers)
  • Refund policy

Integrate PayPal with Woocommerce 

Step 1: Login to the PayPal developer website or create an account (business account) if you don’t have one.

Step 2: Now go to your WordPress dashboard, Plugins > Add New > then search WooCommerce PayPal Payments and Install & Activate.

Step 3: ext, go to Woocommerce > Settings then Payment tab. In the payment, tab looks for PayPal and enable it.

Step 4: On the next page, you will have to make choices, manually or automatically. I recommend you connect manually. Now you need a REST API.

Step 5: To get API KEY, go to your PayPal developer account, then click on Developer > Dashboard.

Step 6: In the Live tab, create a new app. Click on create app and enter the app name (you can enter your website name) then hit the Create App button.

Step 7: Once you created the app you can see the secret API. Now simply enter all the details on the WordPress PayPal setup page.

Step 8: Then click on save changes. All done.

After setting up PayPal on Woocommerce, we prefer to check the PayPal payment gateway manually to whether it is working properly or not.

Video version:


If you want a simple, fast and stop solution, it is best to use PayPal. In just a few minutes you can have a working payment gateway. In addition, PayPal is a recognized, safe and reliable payment solution. Offer the maximum number of payment possibilities to your customers. You can also Integrate Stripe with Woocommerce.

PayPal also has advanced reporting and analytical tools, as well as other utilities for managing payments in e-commerce.

So I hope this article helps you integrate PayPal with Woocommerce. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below in the comment box. We are all happy to help you.

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