WordPress Logos and using guide

Official WordPress Logos and Using Guide in 2022

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms, even 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress today.

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In fact, WordPress 61.9% Market share. Because of its popularity, there is so much fuss about the WordPress logo. If you search for the WordPress logo you will find a lot of logos of WordPress but you can’t define which one is 100% authentic by WordPress.

Also, many of us may not know about the WordPress VIP logo.

Even if we have used unofficial or fake WordPress logos before on our blog or website but you haven’t realized it ever because you haven’t been aware of the real WordPress logo.

So today we will discuss all WordPress logos, which one to use or which not. And what is the difference between a fake and a real one? So you have to use only the official WordPress logo.

Fake Logo vs Real WordPress Logo 

Fake WordPress logo is used everywhere. This happens because everyone just googled it and went with Google images. Hundreds and thousands of fake Logos are available on Google images out there.

So what is the difference between a fake WordPress logo and a real WordPress logo? How can you define it?

Take a look at below given logo comparison image:

logo comparison

Something you have noticed is size and design. In the official WordPress logo, the cap height is bigger than the fake one.

If we see a single image of each logo, a fake one and a real one, then it is hard to catch the difference but when we have a logo comparison image we can easily see the difference.

Now the question is where can you find those official WordPress logos?

Download Official WordPress Logos

So here we go. Find real WordPress Logos below and stop the use of fake WordPress logos.

WordPress also has a Graphics & Logo page to make it simple to find WordPress Logos.

WordPress says “Please only use logos under the WordPress trademark policy”. So kindly follow all WordPress trademark policies while using WordPress logos and names:

Black “W” Mark

Download: PNG · PDF · EPS · SVG

Black Vertical Lockup

Download: PNG · PDF · EPS · SVG

Black Horizontal Lockup

Download: PNG · PDF · EPS · SVG

WordPress VIP Logo

Horizontal Logo

Download: PNG · PDF · EPS · SVG

Key Points of WordPress Trademark Policy

There are some things you need to keep in mind while using WordPress logos and their name in your content. Also, check their trademark policy page for more detailed info.

Here are the key points you should know if you are going to use WordPress logos and their name:

1. Write WordPress with a capital P

The correct way to write WordPress is with capital P. This capitalization is taken very seriously within the WordPress community. In fact, WordPress has a filter called capital_P_dangit() (<?php capital_P_dangit( $text ); ?>) that automatically corrects calls to the word WordPress in titles and content.

2. Don’t Use “WordPress” Word in Domain Name

WordPress is open-source software. However, the WordPress name itself is a trademark owned by the WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization of WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. So, like any trademark, the WordPress Foundation has the exclusive rights to use the word WordPress.

This means that you cannot use “WordPress” as a part of your company name or website name. This restriction also includes domain names. You can use WordPress on a subdomain, for example, wordpress.mysite.com. The WordPress Foundation cares primarily about domains, not subdomains or directories.

For example:

WordPressMe.com – Wrong!

WPme.com – Good!

WordPress.wpme.com – Good

3. WordPress Logo in Advertisement

If you are running ads to boost your business, keep it up BUT never use the WordPress logo in your advertising because it’s not your own logo, WordPress has a trademark. So you are not free to use the WordPress logo as part of your own logo. Before use, you can contact WordPress to take permission.

4. WordPress Logo Official Color Palette

When using the WordPress logo in your media creations, it is recommended that you use the official WordPress color palette. Below we indicate the Pantone, CMYK, hexadecimal value, and RGB of each of the colors used in the WordPress color palette:


  • Pantone: 7468 
  • CMYK: 97, 44, 26, 3 
  • Hex: #21759B 
  • RGB: 33, 117, 155


  • Pantone: 1665
  • CMYK: 6, 86, 100, 1 
  • Hex: #D54E21 
  • RGB: 213, 78, 33


  • Pantone: Black 7 
  • CMYK: 65, 60, 60, 45 
  • Hex: #464646 
  • RGB: 70, 70, 70


The WordPress logo is one of the most recognizable on the entire Internet. It is a capital double vee inside a circle that can be either gray or white and surrounded by a gray ring. The WordPress community is very picky about this theme and demands that both the WordPress trademark and logo be used correctly. And we all should.

Using a genuine and official WordPress logo and name makes you sound like a pro and help you avoid looking like a fool in front of your audience and readers.

So we discussed official WordPress logos and use guide. Also provided WordPress VIP logo. I hope this article helps you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box.

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