New CTA Button in Google Web Stories

Web Stories Has a New “Call to Action” button, Find How it Can Help You?

Google Web Stories can appear in Google search results. It is an interactive experience for users, in the form of a visual narrative. In addition to appearing in search results, they can also be in Google Images, in the Google application, and Discover, as reported by Google itself.

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One of the cool things about Google Web stories is that Google added the new call to action (CTA) buttons to web stories.

To improve the user experience Google has upgraded CTAs with more highlights.

In today’s article, we will discuss Google’s upgraded CTAs and Demos.

Web Stories CTA types

Usage of CTA

Many stories creation tools have already been added (<amp-story-page-outlink>). But here are the changes that Google has made to improve user experience with their Web Stories:

1. Google introduced the main CTA for UI for Web Story pages that can open subjective outside Links (<amp-story-page-outlink>) and page attachments (<amp-story-page-attachment>).

2. Next, Google made it more straightforward to make extraordinary web stories to match your brand.

3. Google intends to replace the functionality of the <amp-story-cta-layer> without needing changes to your older Stories.

Any existing Web Story that uses the <amp-story-cta-layer> will visually look different since the custom-styled element will be removed and replaced with an amp-story-page-outline element.

Linked Content

You can Use AMP Story Page Outlink for a one-tap-out linking experience. The URL is opened when the client initiates the CTA button.

This functionality was previously handled by amp-story-page-attachment. But now Google separated this functionality for a more clear creator experience.

New CTA Demos

Look at the new plan CTA in the Demo Story.

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