Lazy Load Adsense Ads to Improve Core Web Vitals with Free Plugin

One of the ways to improve the performance of Adsense ads is by implementing Lazy Loading for Adsense ads.

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We have heard about lazy loading or lazy loading of images, videos, and Iframes. Lazy loading means that images, videos, and iframes will start to load once the user is about to see them, something that generally improves the performance of your site in the different speed tests.

I use a lightweight WordPress theme like GeneratePress, my site is hosted in a powerful hosting like Bluehost and I use between 8 to 12 plugins that have a minimal impact on the speed of my sites so I am sure my site loads quite fast.

A site with lightweight plugins, a simple theme, and good hosting will give you results with few optimizations made.

But Adsense ads can Slow down any website.

So in this article, we will learn how to lazy load Adsense ads to improve Core Web Vitals score.

Frustration with Adsense Ads

Then you start creating content to attract visitors on social media as well as through search engines.

Then you apply to the monetization program through Adsense ads, they accept you, you add the ads and over time you realize that the ads harm the speed of your website or blog.

All good results go to waste with 5 or 6 ads.

Optimize the Optimized

Because of that, if people know very little about optimization, they are given the task of optimizing images, cleaning the database, and applying as many optimization measures as they can with few results.

No matter what you do, the results in any speed test are a simple shame if you monetize your site with Adsense as you cannot optimize external requests.

How to Lazy Load Adsense Ads

There comes a point where if you have not done it before, you realize that the problem is not your WordPress site, it is the Adsense ads.

To lazy load Adsense, install and activate WP Quads Plugin. Then go to settings and Enable “Lazy Loading for Adsense.”

Make sure you have added ads in the “Ads” section.

Recommendations and Conclusion

This is how you can lazy load Adsense ads to improve Core Web Vitals scores.

These are some recommendations and conclusions after spending some time working with the optimization of your sites, thus increasing the visibility of the ads.

  • If you use Lazy Loading for Adsense ads, you should not activate auto ads as lazy loading only applies to manually added ads.
  • A Premium plugin that Lazy ad loading has is WP Advanced Ads.
  • A free option to implement the lazy loading of Adsense ads is Ads by WPQuads
  • If you want a different and simpler strategy for optimizing sites that use Adsense, you can use PerfMatters, Autoptimize, or WP Rocket to delay the loading of the JavaScript.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment box.

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