is email marketing relevant in 2022

Is Email Marketing Relevant in 2022?

Compare to 2020, email was up 94% in volume in 2021. So it is safe to say that email marketing in 2022 will continue to be one of the most important digital communication strategies for companies. 

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The effectiveness, speed, scope, and visibility it offers can rarely be compared to other types of strategies. Brands in countless businesses have learned to use it as an integral part of their marketing efforts and in 2022 it will continue to reign supreme.

Having Email Marketing strategies in 2022 is going to be key to achieving all business goals. But to get results, you have to take into account several factors. And it is that in this year 2022 there are elements that can significantly affect the performance of any email campaign.

Reputation, deliverability, and profitability are just some of the factors that must be taken into account to have a good Email Marketing strategy in 2022.

Email Marketing in 2022

Email Marketing in 2022 is loaded with news. The purpose will be to get new customers, but, above all, to retain the existing ones. It is one of the most efficient channels to develop a good relationship with customers, create loyalty, interact, increase sales and build trust.

The famous emails are important for brands or companies because they offer the opportunity to send newsletters and are an essential point in the growth and management of a business. In 2021, it has established itself as one of the most important customer-brand communication channels.

Why Give Priority to an Email Marketing Strategy in 2022?

Despite its time, Email Marketing is still very relevant for companies due to various factors. The most important of them is the accessibility it offers. And it is that the messages that a company sends reach the inbox of the recipients on their mobile devices, which allows them to be close to them at any time.

The use of smartphones in 2022 will increase the presence of this marketing strategy to levels never seen before. Email Marketing in 2022 is going to be in direct contact with each stage of the customer relationship such as prospecting, lead nurturing, conversion, and generating brand loyalty.

Among the objectives that a good Email Marketing strategy can achieve in 2022 are:

  • Brand awareness or publicize the business.
  • Sell ​​and offer products and services.
  • Position yourself as an expert in your market niche, which favors the brand image.
  • It converts much more than traditional social networks.
  • Helps increase cross-selling or upselling.
  • It is a fully accessible communication strategy for most users worldwide.
  • It keeps the brand in the minds of consumers for longer.
  • Despite not being a strategy as fast as SMS Marketing, it is very fast in its deliverability and response.


In conclusion, Email Marketing must be relevant and well structured in 2022.

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