How to Add UPI To Your WooCommerce Store

If you run a WooCommerce store, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your checkout process and make it as smooth as possible for your customers. There are many best payment gateways for Woocommerce but if you’re not yet offering UPI as a payment option, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. 

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UPI is currently the most popular payment method in India, with millions of users. Offering UPI payments will help you cater to this large segment of Indian consumers, and it’s easy to add UPI to your WooCommerce store. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the process of adding UPI to your WooCommerce store. This will allow you to accept payments from customers through their bank accounts and increase your sales conversions.

How To Add UPI on your WooCommerce Store

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a payment system that allows customers to make payment transactions using their bank account, mobile number, or UPI-enabled app. 

  • First, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Plugins.” Then, click on “Add New.”
  • Next, search for the plugin called “UPI.” You will find “UPI QR Code Payment for WooCommerence“, (this plugin will enable you to offer UPI payments on your site) and click on “Install Now.”
  • It will be necessary to activate the plugin after it has been installed. You can do this by clicking on “Activate” under the plugin’s name.
  • As a result, the UPI plugin has been successfully installed on your WooCommerece website. 
  • Now that you have successfully installed the plugin on your website, it’s time to set up the UPI Plugin.
  • To set up the UPI plugin, click on the” Settings” tab under “UPI QR Code Payment for WooCommerence,” 
  • On the settings page, scroll down until you see the “UPI VPA ID” field. Enter your UPI ID into this field – this is the ID you’ll use to receive payments.
  • To find your UPI ID on PhonePe, open the app and go to the ‘My UPI IDs’ in the “Transfer Money” section. Your UPI ID will be listed under your name.
  • On Google Pay, open the app and tap on your photo in the top right corner. Your UPI ID will be listed under ‘UPI IDs’. 
  • You can also find your UPI ID by sending yourself a payment request through the app. When you do this, you should see your UPI ID as an option.
  • Once you have found your UPI ID, enter the “UPI VPA ID” field.
  • Now look for the “UPI Address (VPA)” field. Essentially, this option lets you decide whether or not to collect UPI IDs from your customers. Choosing ‘Hide Field’ from the drop-down list will make payment easier for your customers. 
  • Now, save your changes, and you’re all set! 

Your customers can now make payments directly to your bank account using UPI (Google Pay, Phone Pe etc).

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Adding UPI functionality to your WooCommerce store is a great way to increase sales and conversion rates. By adding UPI, you can make it easier for your customers to pay for their orders and offer them discounts or rewards for using UPI.

Choosing a reliable UPI provider and testing the integration thoroughly before launch is important. Once you have launched your UPI-enabled WooCommerce store, monitor transaction rates, and user feedback to ensure that the UPI system is working well.

Overall, adding UPI to your WooCommerce store is a great way to improve customer satisfaction. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require much time or effort, and it’s worth doing if you’re looking for ways to improve your business. Thanks for reading!

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