How to Show Star Ratings in SERPs – 2022

It is often impossible to stand out in Google results, there is a lot of competition, and the clicks are always the first. But what if I told you that there is a little trick for your website to attract a little more attention and thus increase its CTR and traffic?

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These stars we are talking about are a type of Rich Snippets that provide additional information about your page. In this case, they indicate that there is a review or rating on your article or your page, and this can give a slight boost to your website traffic, and of course, also to your SEO positioning.

Undoubtedly, putting stars in Google results will attract more attention from users.

So in today’s article, we will discuss How to display Start Ratings in Search Results?

What are Rich Snippets?

Schema markup is lines of HTML code that we can include on our website and provide extra information for browsers. This type of markup is endorsed by companies such as Google, Facebook, or Bing, and its bases are collected in

Surely you know (and if you don’t already know it by now) that there are many types of Rich Snippets or enriched snippets, for example, product, music, recipe, movie, event, etc. Depending on the type of content of whatever it is, they have created a specific snippet to allow you to make your content stand out from the rest.

These stars’ ratings are shown in Google when we search for a type of Rich Snipped, precisely, review or product.

Example of star rating rich snippets: 

How to Show Stars Rating in Google Results

1. First, go to your WordPress dashboard, then click on plugins> add New.

2. Search for Kk Star Ratings, then install and active it.

3. Once you install and activate it in WordPress, the “kk Star Ratings” option will be created in the WordPress side menu. Click on it.

4. Go to the general section and check active.

5. Now, in the locations section, we recommend you check the mark on Posts. Locations mean where do you want to show a star rating.

Now, all done. You can check out any blog posts to ensure that it is working correctly.

One more thing that you want to know is the star rating Apperincee. Here you can change the appearance of Star Ratings. Click on the Appearance button, scroll down, and see Default Position to change Star Ratings.

There are some more options in the Apperincee section to customize the position of Star Ratings.

Reindex the Content 

Once you’ve added these star ratings to your website, it can take days or even weeks for Google to display these changes in SERPs. That is until Google re-indexes the content of your website, it will not be displayed on the results page.

If you want to speed up this process, you can ask Google to re-index your content. To do this, you have to use the URL inspection tool.


We already have added stars ratings in our blog posts (and now pray that Google wants to show them).

WordPress makes it very, very easy for you. It will only take a couple of clicks without having to touch the code of your website. Several schema plugins in the repository allow you to do this.

I hope this helps you learn how to add stars ratings to your WordPress website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, we love to discuss.

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