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How to Login to WordPress Dashboard (2 Easy Methods) – 2022

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It may seem silly, but more than 1,000 people search each month on Google for WordPress access, enter WordPress, WordPress login, and other expressions to refer to the need to access the WordPress administrator.

In this article, we will discuss how to log in to the WordPress dashboard step by step.

How to Login to WordPress Dashboard

Accessing the WordPress administration panel is very simple. But if it turns out that we do not have a theme that includes a widget with the access link, these are the steps you could take to enter WordPress.

There are 2 ways to login into the WordPress dashboard:

  1. Through a direct link
  2. Through Hosting Panel

Method 1: Log in to WordPress through Direct Link

Step 1: Visit your website in your standard web browser. Simply type your domain into the browser.

Step 2: Add at the end of the URL the following /wp-login.php. Now you should have something like this:

Login to wordpress

(This is an example, maybe your domain does not have www or uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. You write it as it is, and at the end, you add what I tell you)

Step 3: You will have your login page. Just enter valid credentials to log in to the WordPress dashboard.

NOTE: /wp-admin could also be used if it is easier for you to remember. But if you are not logged in, it will still redirect you to /wp-login.php

Method 2: Using Web Hosting Dashboard

If you are using WordPress, you definitely have a Hosting Plan for hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostinger, Siteground, etc.

Now, the most hosting dashboard has an option to access the WordPress dashboard directly.

Example 1. Login Through Hostinger Dashboard

Step 1: If you have started your blog using Hostinger WordPress hosting, just log in to the Hostinger dashboard, and on the home page, click on the Dashboard option:

Hostinger dashboard

Step 2: After clicking on the dashboard in the dashboard section, you have to click on the “Edit Website” button (see screenshot):

Login to wordpress throug hostinger

Step 3: Now, on the next page, you have a screen saying redirecting to the WordPress dashboard, and after a few moments, you will be redirected to your WordPress dashboard.

Example 2. Login Through Bluehost Dashboard

Bluehost is one of the most popular WordPress hostings and is also recommended by WordPress itself.

To access WordPress dashboard using Bluehost dashboard is much more straightforward:

Step 1: Log in to your Bluehost dashboard

Step 2: On the homepage, you see a button “Login to WordPress” in the right upper corner” just click on it.

Login to WordPress Through Blueost

Step 3: Once you hit that button, you will have your WordPress admin dashboard in moments.

The exact process applies to all hosting dashboards if they offer an option to access the WordPress dashboard.

Video Version

If you just have started your own blog, you may be a beginner. So most of the beginners prefer to watch the video version as they are non-techy guys. 

So watch the below-given video to learn how to login to WordPress:

How to login to WordPress


Login to the WordPress dashboard is the most straightforward task in WordPress, but it can be a big deal for those who have just come to WordPress.

So in this tutorial, I just discussed how to log in to WordPress through a direct login link and using the hosting dashboard.

I hope this article helps you log into your WordPress website. If you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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