How To Fix Clickable Elements Too Close Together Error?

FIX “Clickable Elements Too Close Together” Mobile Usability Error – 2022

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As a Website owner or blogger, you might ever see an error in your Google Search Console dashboard that says “Clickable Elements too Close together”.

So in this article, I will discuss how to fix the “Clickable Elements too Close together” error that shows in your Google Search Console.

What is the “Clickable Elements too Close Together” Error  

Before going further we should know what does this error means?

This error is a mobile usability error.

Every website has Clickable Elements so that users can interact with that Website. If two clickable elements (for example like and share buttons) are very close to each other and when any website user clicks on that button, the second button also gets clicked.

If two clickable elements are too close to each other, it may become a reason for a poor user experience that will impact your business a lot.

How To Fix “Clickable Elements Too Close Together” Error?

Follow the given below steps to fix clickable elements too close together:

Step: 1 Identify the URL of Error Page or Post 

To do so head over to your google search console dashboard then go to the mobile usability section.

After landing on the mobile usability page scroll down and look at the errors list. Then click on the “Clickable Elements too Close together” error:

After clicking on the error, it will take you to the next page where Google shows the list of URLs that are affected from the error “Clickable Elements too Close together“.

It can affect more than 1 URL or post or page.

Step: 2 Run a Mobile-Friendly Test 

Just run a mobile-friendly test using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool. It is a free tool offered by Google.

Copy any URL that shows on the Clickable Elements too Close together error page and put it on the mobile Test tool and hit the Test URL button.

It may take a few seconds to put results on your screen so hang on:

As you can see in the above-given screenshot, the page is not mobile-friendly and Page has Clickable Elements to Close together error. I recommend you to check all pages one by one manually if anything wrong with the user experience.

Step: 3 Add Mobile Viewport Tag 

To add a mobile Viewport Tag to your website, you just have to put the below-given lines of code in the <head> tag of your website:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>

Basically, this code informs the browser to adjust the width of the viewport to match the width of the viewer’s device.

Step: 4 Run Validation 

After adding mobile Viewport Tag to your Website, it is time to inform Google that the error “Clickable Elements too Close together” is fixed now.

To do so click on the error the hit the validate fix button.

It may take time for google to check the changes you made. Once the validation is complete from Google, the URL will be marked as “passed”. It means now the Clickable Elements too Close together error is fixed.


Mobile friendly errors affect badly your website in many ways. Like it can become the reason for Higher bounce rate, poor user experience, lower ranking in SERPs, etc.

If you are facing so many mobile usability errors, then our mobile usability service is worth trying. Our team of experts will fix your mobile-friendly errors seamlessly.

I hope this article helps you to fix the clickable elements too close together error. If you are stuck anywhere, just leave a comment below, we will surely help you.

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