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How to Create Coupon Codes with Woocommerce & Increase Sales

How to Create Coupon Codes on Woocommerce to Increase Sales

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Discount coupons are worth doing strategy to increase sales and retain existing customers in your eCommerce store.

Coupons in WooCommerce are usually created for products (or a range of products) in which we want to boost sales, either because it is a new product or a product that hardly sells. We can also create coupons for specific campaigns such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, for example. 

Creating coupon codes for your buyers can be a great step toward a successful sales strategy. 

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create coupon codes on Woocommerce.

How to Enable Coupons on Woocommerce 

Creating coupon codes in Woocommerce does not need any third plugin. Woocommerce has a built-in feature to create coupons. You just have to enable it. To do so:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings section, General tab.
  2. Under General, Options check the Enable the use of coupon codes box.
  3. Click Save Changes. That’s it.

Now it’s time to create coupon codes.

How to Create Coupons in Woocommerce 

Creating coupons contains a few steps.

Go to WordPress Dashboard, Marketing > Coupons section, and click on Create your first coupon.

The first thing will be to create the Coupon Code. This code can contain letters and numbers and must be unique throughout the online store, for example, DIWALI20, VALENTINE30, HOLI10, etc. We can enter our own code or generate a random one by clicking Generate a coupon code.

The description is optional but it is recommended to indicate one to know what type of coupons we have created. This description will only be visible to the administrators of the online store.

After entering the coupon code and description. You need to set up a few more settings you can see below the description box in the section of “Coupon Data”. Where you run throughout the 3 sections: GeneralUsage restriction, and Usage limits.


In the general tab, you can set up things like discount type, coupon type, coupon expiry date, etc.

A. Type of discount: We can select how we want the discount to be applied at the time of purchase. There are three types of discount options available in Woocommerce coupons.

Let’s have an example for a better understanding. 

Imagine that a customer has added 3 t-shirts to the cart at $20 each ($60 in total).

  1. Percentage Discount: Selecting Discount in percentage, the discount would be applied, in percentage, to the total purchase. If it is 10%, $6 would be deducted and the customer would pay $54.
  2. Fixed Cart Discount: Selecting a Fixed discount in the cart, the discount would be applied, in a fixed amount, to the total purchase. If it is $10, $10 would be deducted and the customer would pay $50.
  3. Fixed Product Discount: Selecting Fixed Product Discount would apply the discount, in a fixed amount, to each item. If it is $10, $30 would be deducted ($10 for each shirt) and the customer would pay $30.

The most commonly used option is the percentage discount, although we could use any of them as long as we know what we are doing.

B: Coupon amount: In this field, we have to indicate the value of the coupon as a fixed amount or percentage. There is no need to add the currency or percentage symbol. They will be added automatically according to the type of discount that we have selected.

C: Allow free shipping: By checking this box we can make the coupon activate free shipping on the cart page.

D: Coupon expiration date: We can choose if the coupon has an expiration date so that it is only valid until that day. It is a good option if we want to offer a discount to a particular client or group of clients. The coupon will expire at 12:00 am (or 00:00 hours) on the day we have chosen.

Now let’s move to our second tab which is Usage restriction.

Usage Restriction: 

A: Minimum Spending: In this field, we can indicate the minimum amount that the customer has to spend to apply for a discount coupon. This is usually the most used option. For example, 10% discount for purchases over $100.

B: Maximum Spending: In this field, we can indicate the maximum amount that the customer can spend to apply a discount coupon. It can be used in combination with minimal expense.

C: Individual Use: By checking the box other discount coupons cannot be applied. Only one discount coupon will be allowed per purchase.

D: Exclude items: If we have discounted products in our online store, by checking this box, the discount coupon cannot be applied if the customer adds one of the discounted products to the cart.

E: Products:

Categories Product categories to which the coupon will be applied or that have to be in the cart for the percentage discount or fixed discount to be applied in the cart.

F: Exclude Categories: Product categories that the coupon will not apply to or that do not have to be in the cart for the percentage discount or fixed discount to be applied in the cart.

G: Allowed Emails: We can indicate a list of emails only of customers who can use the discount coupon.

Usage Limits: 

Usage Limit Per Coupon: We can indicate how many times a coupon can be used before it is no longer valid. This would be a limited-use coupon.

Limit usage to X items: We can indicate how many items the coupon can be applied to before it becomes invalid. This limit will only apply if in the Usage Restrictions tab we have declared items, with which the coupon can be used, in the Products field.

Usage Limit Per User: Limit of use per user.

We can indicate how many times a customer can use a coupon before it is no longer valid for that same customer.

Once you entered all things, just Publish it.

To see the coupons we have created, go to the WooCommerce > Coupons section. Now you can start using Woocommerce coupon codes for your audience.


As you have seen in this lesson, creating coupons in WooCommerce is quite simple. Coupons and Gift cards are a good marketing strategy to retain our customers and get new customers in our online store.

We must take into account, before creating a discount coupon, our profit margin so as not to have losses when the customer makes a purchase and applies the discount coupon in the online store.

I hope this article helps you understand Woocommerce coupon codes. Your questions or suggestions are most welcomed in the comment box below.

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