how to change logo in wordpress

How to Change Logo in WordPress (Simple Steps) – 2022

Logo matters a lot in the blogging journey and branding. At starting, we all set up and went with a Logo that looked good but was not perfect at all.

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After gaining knowledge about branding and a recognizable logo, you change the Logo because the Logo is the only thing that readers and viewers see first.

So in this article, we will learn how to change the WordPress website logo properly in an easy way and how you can resize your Logo that fits in your website header with a perfect user experience.

How to Change Logo in WordPress Site

Changing the Logo of a WordPress website is quite simple. To change the WordPress website logo, simply follow the below given simple steps:

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Head over to Appearance > Customise.

Appearance > Customise

Step 3: Now go to Site identity. Now you can see a change logo button on that page.

Step 4: Now click on Change Logo or Select logo, choose or upload a new logo, and hit the publish button.

Change logo

Step 5: Now check your new Logo by opening your website in a new tab. That’s it.

As you saw how simple changing a WordPress website logo is.

Watch below given video if you prefer video version of how to change logo in WordPress:

How to Change WordPress Login Logo 

Changing the login page logo is as simple as changing the WordPress website header logo.

Just follow below given few simple steps to change the login logo:

Step 1: Install and active LoginPress plugin.

LoginPress plugin

Step 2: Now go to LoginPress > Customizer. Next, go to LoginPress.

LoginPress then customizer

Step 3: To change the Logo on the login page, click on the Logo option just below the Themes button.

Custom Logo at Login

Step 4: Now click on change logo, upload a new one, or select a logo from the gallery. And hit the publish button. That’s it.

Custom Logo at Login page

Now here is the result of the changed login logo:

Result - custom logo at login

Looking great? You can totally customize your login pages like login form, button colors, background, and whatnot?

We have a detailed guide on customizing a login page that is worth reading if you are looking to customize your login page.

How to Upload SVG Logo on WordPress?

Since JPEG and PNG images have a bigger file size compared to SVG, we all prefer using the SVG file format logo on our WordPress website.

But WordPress doesn’t have a feature to upload SVG images, so here is the solution for how you can easily upload SVG images to your WordPress gallery:

Step 1: Install and active SVG Support plugin from Plugins > Add New.

Step 2: Now go to Settings -> SVG Support.

Step 3: Check the first “Restrict to Administrator,” now Save changes.

Restrict to Administrator

Step 4: After clicking on the save changes button, you can upload SVG images to your WordPress gallery.

This is how you can enable SVG support on your WordPress website and can use SVG images for your Logo.

Logo Size for Some Most Popular WordPress Themes

On a WordPress website, logo size depends on the theme you are using on your blog or website. There are different sizes for different themes.

It is hard to provide all theme logo sizes, but here is the logo size for some popular WordPress themes:

Theme nameLogo Size
Divi93 x 43 pixels
OceanWP164 x 45 pixels
Astra180 × 60 pixels
GeneratePress180 × 76 pixels
Newspaper272px x 90 pixels
Avada81 x 93 pixels
Foodie Pro800 x 340 pixels


We explained how to change the WordPress website logo on the login page and header. As you saw, everything is straightforward, from uploading to adding a new logo.

I hope this article helps you change your website logo on the header and login page. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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