How to Add Google Pay to Woocommerce Store (in Simple 5 Steps)

Payment gateways are one of the essential elements of a Woocommerce store. Whether you shop online regularly or run your own online store, you’ll know that payment methods are a very important part of the purchasing process.

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If they do not convey enough trust or the process is too rocky, you can lose the sale and the customer, which is a problem, since the competition is fierce.

Mainly, adding top-used online payment methods is much necessary since there are more users. Google Pay is one of them.

So in this article, we will learn how to add Google pay to your Woocommerce store.

How to Add Google Pay to Woocommerce Store 

If you have an online store managed with WooCommerce, you can configure the Google Pay payment platform to be able to use 1-click payment in a very simple way.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard, Plugins > Add new > then search for Stripe. Then install and activate the plugin called Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce.

Step 2: Now go to Stripe > Google Pay and enable the option (as shown in the screenshot):

Step 3: Now you need a merchant ID from Google. So go to Google Pay business and create an account.

Step 4: To create a Google pay business account, enter some mandatory things like mobile number, business name, and country. Then add your website URL in the next step.

Step 5: On the next page, select API integration. Simply choose GATEWAY as an option. Now submit the form for approval.

Step 6: Now wait for the approval, they will inform you via mail. As soon as you get approval simply copy and paste your merchant ID into your stripe. Now it’s all done.

I recommend you check the Google pay payment gateway yourself before making it live for your buyers. So that everything can run smoothly.

Video version:


The Stripe plugin I mentioned is an unofficial stripe plugin but worth using. It has 80,000+ active installations with many 5-star ratings. So don’t hesitate to use it, it is extremely well used, safe, and trusted.

I hope this article helps you understand how to add Google Pay to the Woocommerce store with a plugin in simple steps.

If you are stuck somewhere in the process, comment on your problem and we will help you.

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