Google Discover Optimization Guide aka Google News

Google Discover Optimization Guide aka Google News – 2022

Google discover based on a feed of your interests. It is present within the Google search engine in its mobile version.

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Google discover is getting popular day by day since it’s launched.

What if you are a website owner and want to appear your website in Google news and discover? Simple, you have to optimize your website for Google discover.

The advantages of appearing in Google Discover are multiple.

In today’s article, I gonna discuss how you can optimize your website for Google discover or Google news for getting appear in it.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is launched by Google that aims to improve the search experience for users around the world. This is based on a Google content feed found on Android devices. It was originally called Google Feed.

Often, there are people who often or may confuse Google Discover with Google News.

It is normal since both are based on current news or viral content. But the main difference is that Google Discover is based on the interests of the user.

For example, if your interests include Business, and Travel, a post or news about your interest will appear more in your Google Discover feed. That said, Google Discover will provide you with very qualitative traffic since there is already prior interest.

In Google discover, Google shows content based on your activity like search history, Website visit, etc.

Google Discover Optimization Tips

Optimizing for Google Discover isn’t too different from the on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Here are some key points for optimizing your website for Google discover or news:

1. Implement AMP

It is not an essential requirement, because websites without AMP appear in the feed, but the data shows that more pages with AMP get more results, with it, we will have a better chance of appearing if we have it installed.

If you use WordPress with the AMPforWP plugin it is very simple. You also have the official one, but I recommend you use the other one since it is more advanced and more things can be configured.

Before you had to have the official AMP but you save only with this you have the complete installation.

2. Comply with Google News policies

There are some basic guidelines regarding the web content that can be published. We can see the Content Policies and if we read a little, we see that it has something in common with what appears in the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines and what must be taken into account for EAT optimization in SEO.

3. Write attractive and quality content

We know, Content is key. Google always loves content that fulfills the requirements of its users.

So always create content that matters. Give solutions for queries or questions. Make it more attractive with images. Always consider linking high authority websites.

Create engaging blog posts while keeping an eye on Google news content policies.

4. Write Evergreen Content

Google News and Google discover also show evergreen Content, doesn’t matter when they published that post.

For example, I have written and published a blog post on the topic “increase website traffic” in Nov 2020. It can appear in your Google discover if you actively searching for queries like how to increase website traffic, tips to improve site traffic, etc.

That is evergreen Content.

Always keep up to date with your evergreen Content so that in case your posts appear on Google discover, users can stay more on the website. In Google’s eyes, it shows your website giving value to its users. And after that Google will try to appear your website more.

5. Use Schema Markup

Even though Google explicitly says that it is not necessary to carry out special data marking, it is recommended that the articles that we want to appear in Discover are marked with NewsArticle

It can be marked in the data markup plugin in AMPforWP or else. 

So make sure to add News schema markup to news articles.

6. Write Articles on Trending Topics

This approach really should be adopted in any SEO strategy. Find the trending topics that your “target” is looking for and write quality content for it.

We have different ways of investigating trending topics, and in this case, I am going to show you some tools to get ideas:

This tip is easy and helpful! When a user shares content found in Google Discover on Twitter or Facebook, it will have the mention “from Google Discover” by default. So all you have to do is search Twitter: your keyword “from Google Discover”. 

7. Google Natural Language API

Using the Google Natural Language API is somewhat more advanced. With it, we can do extra things if we want to get ideas on how to make our content take into account entities and semantics.

On the one hand, we can investigate what appears in the SERPs related to our main keyword, and use it on the texts of the first positions to get featured entities, compare them with ours or add them if we see fit.

Devoting time to this point can make the difference between good content and good content that reaches more people.

Conclusion: Google Discover Optimization

Have you not submitted your website in Google News? Our experts will set up Google news for you seamlessly. Check out our affordable price or contact us and start using the benefits of Google News and Google discover.

I hope this article helps you to optimize your website for Google discover.

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