Faust.js by WP Engine – The new Headless WordPress Framework for 2022

Headless WordPress is getting popular day by day since it offers a better user experience and loading speed.

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Before moving to headless CMS, one thing is important, headless Framework. The framework allows us to build front-end applications with Headless WordPress.

There are many good Headless WordPress Frameworks that we can use to setup our headless WordPress website.

We’re gonna discuss Faust.js, a headless framework by WP Engine.

Faust.js By WP Engine 

Faust.js is a Headless WordPress Framework developed by WP Engine. Faust.js helps us to easily build and setup headless WordPress with CMS.

Faust.js wordpress Framework also offers a WordPress plugin where we can find some Guides to get started with Headless WordPress.

Features of Faust.js:

One of the best things about Faust.js is Hooks. Faust.js offers us a number of hooks that make it easier with WordPress.

  • useLogin: Facilitate login with WordPress
  • useLogout: Facilitate logout with WordPress
  • usePost: Fetch a post from WordPress
  • usePosts: Fetch multiple posts from WordPress
  • usePreview: Fetch preview data from WordPress 
  • usePage: Fetch a page from WordPress
  • useAuth: Facilitate authentication with WordPress

Above given are hooks and their usage.

Server-side Rendering & Static Generation:

Since headless WordPress is known for its user experience and loading speed, Faust.js Also offers us SSR (Server-side Rendering) and SSG (Static Site Generation) that can help you in page speed optimization. With SSR and SSG, you can use getNextStaticProps and getNextServerSideProps with the help of Faust.js.


Any front-end developer who defines himself as such cannot fail to test the site in the various tools that allow you to quantify the loading time of the pages. How frustrating can it be to build a slow website? 

Maybe you are looking for a solution to optimise it to the maximum, but you realise that there is nothing else to do.

However, a website created with Headless CMS with Faust.js headless Framework, all other things being equal, is generally faster than a traditional solution. Headless CMSs tend to use a ready-to-use CDN to serve data and images to users, offering response times of less than 20ms.

Additionally, a website built with modern architecture only requires you to load the code to run the front-end site and can be more easily optimised for speed.

With Headless CMS, response times and loading times are decidedly low , with overall performance definitely above average. I assure you that seeing the high scores causes enormous satisfaction.

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