Core Web Vitals Keynote by Vineet Talwar – WordCamp Greece 2021

In this WordCamp Greece 2021, Vineet Talwar will talk about speed! One of the major factors leading to online frustration is a slow website. Users do not want to wait – and if you’re not careful, this can make you lose traffic before your page has loaded! As we all know, a dissatisfied user is worse than not having users at all! A better user experience is the driver behind Google’s anticipated Core Web Vitals update, which focuses on the loading, interactivity, and visual stability of a website.

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This talk mainly deals with how you can speed up your WordPress website and make it faster for users, thus improving their conversions, importantly before Core Web Vitals come into force. We’ll start by looking at website hosting, latency, and DNS, and then discuss how you can optimize the performance of your WordPress website. Solutions will be for all sorts of users, from beginner to advanced, and for different hosting scenarios.

From this WordCamp, we found some top Key Takeaways from CWV Keynote by Vineet Talwar.

Core Web Vitals Key Takeaways from WordCamp Greece 2021

1. Let’s talk about buttons. Buttons are amazing creators. Some press it like one time, some don’t press it at all, or some press it like 100 times as if it will be making the roads go faster and the traffic goes faster. People don’t have patience at all. And keep on pressing and increasing the frequency of pushing these buttons is directly proportion to the users level of frustration in case of our websites.

So make sure your website has buttons that work in a single click. 

2. Google wants you to speed up. Core Web Vitals focus on three aspects; loading, interactivity, and stability. 

Loading means how quickly the page loads and interactivity means how soon you interact with the page. Stability means how stable are pages as it is loading and as the user is interacting. So these are the three measures, which are mostly LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift). And Core Web Vitals metrics are combined with other signals, called page experience ranking factors, which are HTTPS, Safe Browsing, mobile-first, and no other interstitials.

3. A bad website performance has a measurable business impact. Every second, the website is loading late, your customers are running away and the probability of bounce rate increases by 32%. 

4. Switch to PHP 7, there is no doubt about that. WordPress only executes 25 MB of CPU instructions on a PHP seven runtime compared to 100 MB, the same on older PHP versions. PHP seven is a brainer. PHP eight is also there, But you have to check whether your website is compatible with that or not.

5. Next thing, Maria DB, as the statistic says that Maria DB is performing better than MySQL. It’s a fork of MySQL. But it’s faster. Vineet Talwar definitely recommends going for Maria DB to host your WordPress website.

By WordPress Core community, they have replaced MySQL with Maria DB way back, so they are also supporting it.

6. No free hosting at all.

There are multiple types of hosting, shared, dedicated, or cloud. And I would definitely recommend you go cloud hosting and use the power of cloud and scale when you want.

7. You should have a better DNS (Domain Name System) provider. So switch to a better DNS, every query counts. And maybe you could switch to Route53 by Amazon. That’s faster. That’s my recommendation of course.

8. Google started ranking your websites now based on your speed. So guess what you now core web vitals to be part of every SEO audit. And if you take the cold web vitals concept seriously, and start working on improving the website speed, Google will also reward you.


Google’s Core Web Vitals is the hottest topic right now. Key takeaways like use PHP 7, No free hosting, Switch to Maria DB, etc, I hope these takeaways are helpful to Improve Core Web Vitals Score. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment box.

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