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Core Web Vitals Case Study on – Achieving 98 PageSpeed Score

The Core Web Vitals have become the new standard for measuring the experience of a page. Optimizing a website with these metrics will help you gain more traffic, happy users, and better conversion rates.

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On September 2, 2021, Google officially announced that the update to its Page Experience had been completed.

After the update, many websites may lose their rank in SERPs because their competitors have a CWV error-free website that loads fast.

Everyone can’t optimize their website for Core Web Vitals due to a lack of knowledge, time, or resources. And there are lots of CWV service providers out there who make your website super fast and CWV passes—expecting us.

We will discuss a curious case study of one of our Core Web Vitals subscribers, how We Optimized his website, and how it affects their website traffic and ranking in SERPs.

Let’s dive into our case study.

Improving Core Web Vitals on is one of the users who came to us on November 16, 2021, for core web vitals service. is a well-known website for pain and Spine specialists.

Before our core web vitals started working, the website had lots of core web vitals errors and poor website speed.

We have done the necessary optimizations to improve core web vitals and page speed without breaking the website design and user experience. Clean and secure changes are our priority, always.

What changes have we made? Let’s see some from our list:

Result of Optimization

As I mentioned earlier, they came to us on November 16, 2021. And within 16-17 days, our hard-working team achieved the result on December 2, 2021. is now a core web vitals passed website and has an excellent page speed of 98, according to Google PageSpeed Insights:

Now talk about the GSC core web vitals report. The site has 96.3% good URLs with 129k total impressions of good URLs:

Page Experience report


This is how we help our customers. If your site also suffering from core web vitals issues, feel free to reach us by contact form and core web vitals service page.

I hope this core web vitals case study helps you understand how core web vitals affects our website and how it performs in SERPs after passing the core web vitals assessment.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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