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6 Best WordPress Maintenance and Support Services Compared – 2022

Do you waste hours trying to make changes and improvements to your website? Managing a WordPress website can take a lot of time.

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WordPress today is one of the best CMS software to create your own blog; however, its diffusion makes it the perfect target for spammers and malware, and a large number of existing themes and plugins complicates its maintenance and updating for non-technical profiles. In that case, the best WordPress Maintenance Services can help you.

Your website requires someone to take care of it continuously, take care of it, and make sure that it continues to fulfill its function over time.

Hiring a WordPress website maintenance service is convenient for keeping your website updated and optimized.

In this article, we will discuss the best WordPress Maintenance Services.

Best WordPress Maintenance Services

1. MicroWork 

WordPress Maintenance Services -

We take care of maintaining your WordPress website and help you solve any problems that arise on your page so that it is always ready and available.

We make backup copies regularly. These copies are encrypted and stored securely at our facilities.

Ignoring the installation of WordPress updates and installed plugins is usually not the best idea. So we also provide plugin and core update features.

Let’s dive into our more features.

Features of Micro Work:

  • WordPress update
  • Plugin and Theme Update
  • Unlimited Website Edits
  • Threat control and security
  • Design and web improvements
  • Monthly speed optimization
  • 30 days Money-back Guarantee
  • Dedicated Dev
  • We adjust to your needs

Plans & Pricing:

Our WordPress maintenance service pricing starts from $75/mo. We provide Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, and Yearly plans. You can see the Pricing of each plan below the given image:

WordPress Maintenance Services Pricing -

2. WP Buffs


At WP Buffs, they are specialists in WordPress, and they know that the success of any website lies in the security, experience, and trust it offers its users and performance in speed and performance.

The audit and evaluate topics such as user experience, security, performance, SEO, interface design, and interactions.

In addition, WP Buffs also help you evaluate improvements in favor of your users’ experience with your brand.

Features of WP Buffs:

  • WordPress and PHP updates
  • Regular and emergency plugin and theme updates
  • Database optimization
  • Unlimited 24/7 website edits
  • Performance testing and optimization
  • Malware scans and removal
  • Security and uptime monitoring
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Periodic audits of UX, CX, SEO, performance, and security

Plans & Pricing:

WPbuffs WordPress maintenance service plans start from $79/mo to $447/mo. They provide plan-specific features.

WordPress Care Plans & Maintenance Packages - WP Buffs

3. Maintainn


Our next best WordPress Maintenance Service is Maintainn, founded in 2012 and owned by WebDevStudios. One of the best things about Maintainn is they partner with many trusted WordPress hosting platforms and themes.

Maintainn also provides Managed WordPress hosting services along with Maintenance Services.

Maintainn provides WordPress Maintenance Services for all kinds of business. They offer WordPress maintenance services for blogs, e-commerce websites, and enterprises. They cover almost all types of websites.

Features of Maintainn:

  • Regular WordPress updates
  • Website security with 24/7 monitoring
  • Offsite Backups
  • You can request custom development
  • WordPress expert support

Plans & Pricing:

Maintainn`s WordPress maintenance service plans start from $49/mo to $249/mo. But in their standard plans that cost $49/mo, not many features are available. they provide only Weekly Updates, 24/7 Security Monitoring, and Weekly Service Reports.

Maintenance Plans - Maintainn

4. GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

GoDaddy wordpress support

Everyone knows GoDaddy, a WordPress hosting and domain provider platform, Founded in 1997.

Along with being the most popular WordPress hosting provider and domain registrar, they also provide WordPress Maintenance Services. They offer us WordPress database management, regular WordPress updates, and more.

And before they complete any task, they’ll back up your website, so it can be restored if necessary.

Features of GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support:

  • Fix problems fast
  • Speed optimization
  • WordPress development
  • Theme customizations
  • Regular WordPress core updates
  • WordPress database management

Before going with GoDaddy premium support service, you must check there won’t do list. Because they don’t provide some basic services like Resolve WooCommerce conflict with the theme, removing malware or phishing content, etc. Check the full list here.

Plans & Pricing:

Their plans are based on credits. One task costs one credit, which means if you purchase its $49.99 plan, you can ask them for one task in a month. If you go with a 3-month plan and don’t ask for any task in a month, then unused credit cant is used for next month. Unused credits aren’t rolled over to the next month.

They offer $49.99/mo for one credit, $79.99/mo for three credits, $99.99/mo for five credits, and $149.99/mo for ten credits.


5. SiteCare

SiteCare is one of the WordPress Maintenance Services previously known as WP Site Care. They have been providing WordPress maintenance services since 2012. SiteCare’s WP maintenance services are perfect for business owners, bloggers, big agencies, marketing teams, bloggers, and agencies.

Along with WP Maintenance services, they also provide digital marketing services.

Features of SiteCare:

  • Emergency WordPress Help
  • Regular WordPress Updates
  • Ongoing WordPress Security
  • Speed ​​and performance optimization
  • WordPress Development

Plans & Pricing:

Sitecare offers plans in two ways, monthly billing and annual billing. If you go with any annual plan, they offer 2 months free with all annual plans.

WordPress Maintenance Services Plans and Pricing - SiteCare

6. Go WP


Brad Morison is the founder of Go WP, which is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Go WP is a WordPress web design platform. The platform is more design and site maintenance-oriented. Go WP has done a commendable job. Every customer or firm who has used this has given positive word of mouth.

The platform is more design and site maintenance-oriented. Further, Go WP as a WordPress site maintenance helps by checking and deleting all the spam and also tests all the WordPress forms.

Features of GoWP:

  • Secure WordPress updates
  • 90-day offsite backups
  • Daily security scans
  • Malware cleanup
  • Custom maintenance dashboard
  • Support ticket dashboard

Plans & Pricing:

Their plans start from $29/mo and $295.80 annually.

WordPress Services Pricing - gowp


Managing websites have now been easy due to these services. All of these WordPress maintenance services are reliable and authentic. Further, you can now manage your website through any of these platforms and get major benefits.

I hope the list of best WordPress maintenance services helps you come up with a perfect WordPress maintenance service.

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