Best WordPress Backup Plugins

8+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2022

If you have a WordPress website or any other website. In that case, it is imperative that you backup your Website data regularly so that you don’t have to lose everything if your website or hosting company gets hacked.

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And it is that keep backup copies of your Website is essential to avoid scares when the site has fallen or has suffered an attack because if you have a backup of your WordPress, you can always restore it and return to normality.

So in this post, I will show you some best WordPress Backup Plugins to secure your WordPress website from data loss.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

1. UpdraftPlus

With more than 2 million installations, it is one of the plugins that I like the most, and I usually use it to make backup copies in WordPress.

UpdraftPlus simplifies the way of making backups in WordPress and their restoration.

It allows you to make backup copies of all the files on your Website and its database, save them in the cloud and restore them at the click of a button.

This Plugin connects with numerous online storage services where you can save your backup, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, Openstack Swift, Updraft Vault, and by email.

Its premium version allows you to save backups in Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, etc.

2. BlogVault

Backup & Staging – BlogVault Backups is a WordPress backup plugin that focuses more on developers and agencies, as it includes all the necessary tools to maintain and manage multiple websites.

It also has a preparation environment that differentiates it from other plugins.


  • Provide customer reports.
  • Recovery of a website in minutes.
  • Website analytics can.
  • Compatible with WooCoomerce.
  • Management of several websites from a single panel.
  • Besides being a backup plugin, it is a backup service.

3. ManageWP Worker

This Plugin developed by GoDaddy has more than 800,000 active installations.

The primary function of ManageWP Worker is to offer you a control panel that helps you manage your different websites to save time and gain fluency.

In addition, it has a free monthly backup functionality with the following options.


  • Scheduled monthly backup.
  • External storage.
  • One-click restore.
  • Storage in both the US and the EU.
  • Possibility to exclude files and folders.

Additionally, it has a premium version that allows you to make backup copies on-demand when you need it.

4. BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

With more than 600,000 installations, BackWPup (WordPress Backup Plugin) allows you to make backup copies in WordPress and store them in an external service such as Dropbox, S3, or FTP.

In this way, you can easily restore an installation with a single file in .zip format.

Features (some in premium version):

  • Backup of the database.
  • WordPress XML export.
  • Generate a file with the installed plugins.
  • Optimize the database.
  • Check and repair the database.
  • Backups in ZIP, tar, tar.gz, and tar.bz2 format.
  • Store the copies on an FTP server and Dropbox, S3 services Microsoft Azure (Blob), SugarSync, Amazon, or Google Drive.
  • Notice of event log and backup copies by email.
  • Support for multi-sites.

5. VaultPress

With over 80,000 downloads, VaultPress is a real-time backup service developed by Automattic (the authors of

This Plugin works with Jetpack and allows you to easily make backup copies of all messages, comments, media files, reviews, and panel settings on your Website.

Plus, it includes a host of security features to protect your site from hackers, malware, accidental damage, and host crashes.

6. Backup Guard – WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin

Backup Guard (WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin) has more than 70,000 installations and is a WordPress backup plugin that offers to backup, restore and migrate your Website.

Allows you to backup and restore all your WordPress files, database, or both.

Its free version (it also has a premium) includes the following options:


  • Fully automatic migration.
  • Save all the backups you need.
  • Copy files, database, or both.
  • Restore your backups when you need them.
  • Selective restore of files or databases.
  • Import backups: upload your backups to restore them.
  • Compatible with WordPress multisite.
  • Possibility to exclude tables from the database.
  • Dropbox storage.
  • Schedule backups of your Website.

7. XCloner

With over 50,000 downloads, XCloner is a backup and restore Plugin seamlessly integrated with WordPress.

It allows you to create complete and differential backups of your Website, manually or automatically through the built-in programmer.

Your backups are customized and can be restored to any other location with the help of the automatic restore script provided by the Plugin.

8. WP Time Capsule

WP Time Capsule is designed to ensure peace of mind from WordPress updates.

This Plugin uses cloud applications’ native file version control system to detect changes and saves only modified files.


  • You can back up and restore only changed files and databases and not the entire site as a whole.
  • The files and the database are stored in the cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Wasabi, or Amazon S3.
  • It uses a native file version control system to detect changes and maintain file versions. In this way, backups and restorations are entirely safe.

9. Backup WD

Backup WD (Backup and Restore Plugin) allows you to save your entire Website as an archived package, including database tables and files, quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

In addition, it can make secure WordPress backups and save them automatically in the cloud without any technical knowledge.

You can save your copies and files to services like Amazon S3, Dropbox, or Google Drive, as well as back up your site files in four different formats: Zip, Tar, Tar Gzip, and Tar BZip2.

You can also choose how often your Website is backed up based on how often you make changes.


  • Unlimited backups.
  • Save your entire site, including the database and its files.
  • Automatically send your files to Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, and other online storage services.
  • Exclude specific files or folders.
  • Schedule your copies to run daily, weekly, or monthly.


So these are a handful of the best WordPress backup plugins to create backups of your Website in WordPress.

I hope this article will help you have a more secure website and thus avoid possible scares.

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