Woocommerce Subscription - How to add and best Woocommerce subscription plugins

How to Add Woocommerce Subscription (+ Best Woocommerce Subscription Plugins) – 2022

Products, services or content that are paid on a regular and recurring basis need a subscription system.

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That is to say, the sale is not direct, the service is paid on a monthly, annual or whatever term, and this gives the user free rein to enjoy it whenever they want or according to the guidelines set by the seller.

There are different types of business based on subscriptions: streaming platforms, messaging services, news portals and more. They are common examples that use this subscription model, but it is applicable to many other online businesses.

Now how can you implement it in your site if you are using WordPress and Woocommerce?

Well, this blog post will discuss the best Woocommerce subscription plugins and how you can add a subscription system to your website.

What is a Subscription Product or Service? 

When you buy something, you make a one time payment for that thing but in the subscription model things are different. A subscription product is a good or service for which a periodic, recurring fee is paid, whether daily, monthly, quarterly or annually.

For example, we can discuss Netflix, where we buy their plan for a month or a year.

Some more examples of subscription products or services are:

  • OTT platforms 
  • A service 
  • Online classes or course
  • Memberships on platforms 
  • WordPress hosting
  • And more

Best Woocommerce Subscription Plugins 

1. WooCommerce Subscription

Woocommerce Subscriptions official plugin

This premium plugin is officially from Woocommerce, makes it easy to manage recurring or subscription payments. Being a paid extension, it comes well equipped with many more advanced options to enable multiple payment platforms, schedule billing, reports, etc.

It also offers detailed reports, so you can closely monitor how your business is doing.

Features of Woocommerce Subscription Plugin:

  • Multiple billing times available to meet your needs.
  • Automatic payment system with 25+ payment gateways.
  • Supports auto-recharge if payment failed, so your customer never lose revenue
  • User can easily manage their own plan (including upgrading or downgrading)
  • Renewal feature is also available that notify your customers via email or notification.
  • Admin can see a detailed reports to track subscribers, revenue and more 

Price: $199 annually

3. Paid Member Subscriptions 

Paid member subscriptions plugin

This free WordPress plugin that integrates with WooCommerce, allows you to add different subscription options through shortcodes: content restrictions, creation of subscription plans, user management, free trials, etc.

Like other Woocommerce subscription plugins, they also offer a Shortcode feature to add Subscription anywhere on your website.

Features of  Paid Member Subscriptions:

  • Fully integrated with Woocommerce and allows to sell subscriptions with WooCommerce 
  • Accept PayPal payment methods (Stripe and more in pro version)
  • You can set any billing cycle length and maximum subscription length
  • Subscriptions can be manually paused, resumed and canceled
  • One time subscription option is also available that allows you to charge a one-time registration fee in addition to the recurring total
  • Admin can provide a free trial to customers for a subscription

Price: Free 

3. Subscriptions For WooCommerce

Subscriptions For WooCommerce

Another free plugin that allows you to enable different subscription options in your WooCommerce, in this case through the Product menu and plugin management.

Turn your products into subscriptions. It is compatible with PayPal and Stripe . Allows you to set payment cycles, change trial duration, subscription, and sell non-subscription products during a single purchase.

Both simple and variable products can be set up as subscriptions and allow you to set the payment cycle, free trial length, subscription length, and a setup fee.

Features of Subscriptions For WooCommerce:

  • Admin can offer free trial for their products or services to their users 
  • Create recurring payment products or services With Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin 
  • Easily set plan expiry time
  • User and admin, both can cancel the subscription anytime 
  • Set Initial fee on recurring payment based products 
  • A detailed report section about your subscriptions, users and more

So these are some best free and paid Woocommerce subscription plugins, you can choose any depending on your needs.

How to Add Subscription to Products or Services (with Official Woocommerce Subscription Plugin)

Adding a subscription to a product or service is quite simple. You just have to install the Woocommerce Subscription plugin and activate it.

After activation of the plugin, follow below given video guide:


You can see that adding subscription services to your online store is very simple with Woocommerce subscription plugins and tools that you have at your disposal for WooCommerce.

I hope this article helps you by adding a subscription model to your WordPress website. Also I have mentioned some best subscription plugins to choose from. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below, we will be happy to read you.

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