Best Woocommerce Multilingual Plugins

Best Woocommerce Multilingual Plugins (Free & Paid) of 2022

Having your Woocommerce store in many languages is a blessing for your buyers that also helps you generate more sales.

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WordPress is the most popular CMS globally, with more than 80 million websites worldwide. And 7.8% are using Woocommerce for their online store. It is estimated that  WordPress and Woocommerce represent more than 25% of all websites, so their market share is very high.

Among its different advantages and benefits, it stands out that users can customize their Woocommerce store with plugins. Thus, to create a Woocommerce store in different languages.

So in this post let’s dig the best Woocommerce multilingual plugins to make your Woocommerce site super user-friendly.

Best Woocommerce Multilingual Plugins

Here are the best multilingual plugins for Woocommerce or WordPress; some of them are free and others are paid. All of them offer very good features and functionalities to be able to have a website available in several languages.

1. TranslatePress

This is one of the best Woocommerce Multilingual plugins of the moment, and one of the most popular globally. It’s free, which is a big plus point, and it also stores both the original and its translations in the same entry, so you don’t create additional tables in the database, which saves both time and money.

With TranslatePress you can easily build your multilingual Woocommerce website in minutes.

Regarding its drawbacks, the most prominent is that the technical service it offers is minimal.

Price: Free 


One of the most recommended Woocommerce Multilingual plugins of the moment. It offers very complete and quality technical support and, in addition, carries out regular updates. 

In addition to allowing the translation of the entire website, it makes a wide range of its applications available to users which significantly expands the functionality of the plugin.

One of them is Yoast, which allows SEO management independently based on language. Also life, an app that allows the creation of profiles for professional translators within the platform.

This plugin includes nothing more and nothing less than 40 languages ​​and, in addition, users can add more if they wish. In addition to translating the texts of the website, it also allows the translation of categories, menus, texts predefined by the theme, etc.

Price: $39/year

3. Polylang

Another of the translation plugins for Woocommerce has very good ratings by users thanks to the features it offers. In relation to its main benefits, the most outstanding is that it has very good technical support and that it can translate the entire content of the Woocommerce store.

If you are looking for compatibility with Woocommerce you need to purchase their premium add-on as they mentioned in their FAQs.

Pricing: $99/year 

4. Weglot Translate

Free Woocommerce translation plugin, halfway between automatic and manual translations. It translates Woocommerce website content automatically, but users can edit the translations as well as purchase professional translations if they wish.

One of its great advantages is that it creates different versions of the page in terms of SEO, so it does not present any problems in this regard.

Weglot Translate plugin is totally compatible with Woocomerce and easily you can build your multilingual Woocommerce store.

Price: Free

5. WPGlobe – Multilingual Everything

This is one of the best translation plugins for Woocommerce, which has a free version and a paid version with more features. The free plugin offers great features such as manual translation, Yoast SEO compatibility, and the ability to select multiple languages.

For Woocommerce compatibility we need to purchase their premium addon that costs around $99/year.

Price: $99/year 


To add multiple languages ​​to a Woocommerce store or website, there are different  Woocommerce multilingual plugins, both free and paid. These plugins have the as main objective to offer the content of a certain website in different languages ​​for users.

In this way, more traffic is attracted, taking into account that in the SEO section it is essential to specify the language of each of the pages that make up the website.

It is not a good idea to use Google Translate because in many cases the translation is not of good quality. Also, using Google Translate, the website facing WordPress is only in the original language. Therefore, if what you want is to achieve a good global positioning, it is best to use a plugin that does not do automatic translations.

I hope this article on the best Woocommerce multilingual plugins helps you make your Woocommerce store a multilingual store easily. Keep sharing your questions or suggestions in the comment box.

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