Best Contact Form 7 Add-ons and Extensions

Top 10 Contact Form 7 Addon Plugins that you should be aware of

Contact Form 7 is one of the most used WordPress plugins to create contact forms. With more than 5 million activations at the moment. It was expected that in the WordPress repository we could find a lot of contact form 7 Add Ons or extra plugins to make this plugin even more powerful.

The good thing about free WordPress plugins is that there are always developers willing to improve the tool and grow its functionality. However, there are so many extensions published today that we no longer know which of them will be worth activating.

If you already have Contact Form 7 installed, take a look at this list with the useful and best contact form 7 add-ons and how to get the most out of your contact forms.

Best Contact Form 7 Add-ons and Extensions

1. Contact Form 7 Signature Addon

With this curious plugin you can add a field for users to sign, physically and by hand, your forms if they have a pointing device from which they can do it. When you need this functionality, for example in the case of acceptance of conditions and things like that.

This CF 7 addon is very useful in some cases like your website is follow rules and laws very tightly and you want to make run everything legally and compatible with users.

With this contact form 7 addon plugin, you can also change signature writing behavior for sure. You can do it directly by using the signature pad’s available options. You can customize it in your brand color style since it is very customizable.

It is not for everyone but surely you did not know that something like this could be done in your forms.

2. Contact Form 7 WooCommerce Orders Addons

There are currently 4,414,537+ live online stores l using WordPress and WooCommerce and Woocommerce also has the second highest market share of 23.43% among all website and e-commerce platforms.

Now every Woocommerce store owner wants to interact with their customers and buyers to increase sales and conversion.

Well, would you like to add to your contact form a field in which the customers of your online store can select which order they are asking about?

Well, here you have it. With this extension, you can add a new field to your forms so that the user can choose from a drop-down list the order they are making the query. Simply great and tremendously useful for online stores.

3. CF7 MailChimp Extension 

Our next contact form 7 addon is very useful and my favorite for those who are collecting and creating email lists for email marketing and sending newsletters regarding their new blog posts and products.

If you use the MailChimp newsletter system with CF7, all submissions of your form will add the user who sends it to the list you decide on MailChimp, for further follow-up or campaigns, whatever you decide.

Overall this CF 7 add-on is very useful and will save hours. Contact Form 7 extension for Mailchimp is free and easy to use, supports many custom fields, and its Developers update it regularly.

The best thing is you can use different MailChimp mailing lists for different contact forms. It will help you justify your audience email list and you can hit your target audience.

Besides, there is a feature of single opt-in and double opt-in, that can be used for mail confirmation from users. You can set it up according to your needs.

4. Flamingo

Our next CF 7 add-on is Flamingo. From the creators of Contact Form 7, we have this extension that adds one of the basic functionalities that we have always missed in this wonderful plugin: save the forms and their database in our WordPress.

With a simple interface, it adds a new menu in WordPress where we will have all the messages received and on the other submenu the contacts of those who sent us the forms. All messages and forms data through CF are listed there and the nice thing is these are searchable.

With this CF 7 add-on, you no longer need to worry about losing important data and messages due to mail server issues or misconfiguration in mail setup with the possibility of exporting both as CSV. Simple and light.

One thing you should need to know before implementing it on your WordPress website. That is “This plugin stores submission data gathered through contact forms, which might include the users or submitters’ personal information, in the database on the server that has the site”. So this is one of the privacy things you should know.

At this time Flamingo has 700,000+ active installations and 65+ five-star and 8 1-star ratings.

5. CF7 Multi-Step Forms

If you want to make forms in several steps you don’t need to insert a Google Docs form, with this extension for Contact Form 7 you will be able to continue using your favorite form plugin contact form 7, and easily define what goes on each page of the form.

To get it in the form, go to the end of it and add the new tag called multistep in its pop-up window choose the current step and the total number of steps that your form will have. In the URL field the page that will contain this step. You must do this on each multi-step form. On this website, you have an example and the codes used to do it.

Besides, you can use shortcodes to show steps on your multi-step forms. For example, use [multiform “your-name”] for the name field, and [previous “Go Back”] can be used for going back which basically works for going back to the previous step. There are lots of Shortcodes you can use for creating a user-friendly multi-step contact form in WordPress.

Let’s go to our next contact form 7 add-on.

6. CF7 Conditional Fields

If you want to take Contact Form 7 to the highest level, you need this plugin. Once installed, it adds a new tab to your forms from which to add conditional fields in which to decide. For example, if a field will be visible or not, among other possibilities.

When you create your form you will find the new tag to add, and by default, everything between those tags will be hidden. Now you only have to go to the new conditional fields tab and decide what they have to happen so that what is between the tag is seen or not.

Also, you can add a new conditional field by clicking on the “add a new conditional field” button than can show up in contact forms> conditional field.

They also offer a premium version of this contact form 7 add-on where you can enjoy premium features like adding repeatable fields, and custom conditions with javascript functions.

7. CF7 PayPal Add-on

1.6 million+ websites use PayPal as a payment gateway. PayPal is a very popular and widely known payment gateway. 15.4 billion total transactions were conducted by PayPal in 2020 and an average of 41 million transactions are done via PayPal daily.

Every website owner wants to implement PayPal on their payment system obviously as PayPal is one of the payment gateways. So this plugin helps you to collect payments through contact form 7.

One of the best things about this plugin is that you do not need to install WooCommerce, donation systems, or payment gateways to request payments, with Contact Form 7 and this extension you can easily configure and display forms from which to receive payments via PayPal.

Besides, you can integrate more than one PayPal account in a single contact form 7. and they also offer “Cancel URL” and “Return URL” options for payment success and cancellation facility. If you need more features then you can upgrade to their premium version.

8. CF7 Customizer

If you use the Contact Form 7 plugin, like 80% of WordPress users, surely the only thing you don’t like is how unintuitive it is to customize it, since all style adjustments inevitably involve applying CSS manually, or maybe not?

Another thing that Contact Form 7 lacks is being ability to visually customize your forms, without having to know CSS, and with this plugin that integrates into the WordPress customizer, it is an easy task.

There is everything, but nothing like what we are going to see today

Yes, indeed, if you have ever dreamed of being able to modify the design of your forms created with CF7, you can already do it, and nothing less than from the WordPress Visual Customizer, with the changes, live. All thanks to Design for Contact Form 7 Customizer.

You don’t have to do anything special, you just create your form as usual and add it to the page or post of your choice where once published, you can customize it live from your live website, with the form design tool integrated by this one of the best contact form 7 add-ons.

You can customize:

  • Text colors
  • Form background color
  • Background images
  • Margins between elements
  • Element borders and elements size
  • Text styles and input boxes
  • Button styles and button text

9. CF7 Date Time and Picker

An essential extension for Contact Form 7 is if you want to add a field where the users of your forms can visually and easily select the date and time. This plugin helps you change the CF7 text field into a Date and time picker field, by using the CSS class.

You don’t need to search for CSS classes, they already provide them for free. You just need to install the plugin and add CSS class into any CF7 text field you want to convert into a date and time picker.

Here are CSS classes to use:

  • For Date Picker: walcf7-datepicker
  • For Time Picker: walcf7-timepicker
  • Both Date & Time Picker: walcf7-datetimepicker 

They also offer a premium version in case you need it. In the premium version, you can enable features like maximum and minimum allowed date selection. For example, you are creating a form where users only select the allowed date and time.

10. CF7 Drag & Drop Multiple File Upload 

Our next contact form 7 addon is very useful and straightforward to use.

With this simple CF7 extension, you can add drag and drop for the file uploads area with the Contact Form 7 plugin, which will allow you to upload multiple files using “Drag & Drop” or “Browse multiple” in the upload area of ​​your form for free.

You can set multiple file upload areas for a form, set the maximum number of files for each field, maximum file size, and file type for each of them.

Besides, you can send uploaded files as email attachments, or links to Dropbox or upload them to your server and send the links. Also, Drop Uploader supports Javascript file validation, so you can handle errors before uploading the file.


Contact Form 7 is one of the mythical plugins for WordPress since it is one of the most used plugins for WordPress and one of the ones with the most active installations in the WordPress plugin repository. Contact Form 7 is a wonderful plugin with which, with a few extensions and add-ons, you can create professional and complete forms, without limits.

These contact form 7 add-ons and extensions are really helpful and easy to use creating forms. We presented some best CF7 add-ons for different uses. We covered most of the best add-ons for every category.

However some of the add-ons need a premium version to fulfill your needs but for basics, we are sure you can use them for free.

I hope this presentation of useful contact form 7 add-ons and extensions helps you to leverage your forms. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them below. 

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