Best Google Analytics Plugin Alternatives

Top 4 Best Analytics WordPress Plugins Compared for 2022

WordPress is currently the most used CMS globally. It is estimated that more than 80 million websites worldwide have been created with WordPress. If you also have a website developed with this content manager, you will surely know WordPress Analytics.

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There is a wide range of WordPress Analytics plugins interesting to know. All of them are very simple to manage and really worth it. Thus, you can understand the different statistics of your site and define the most appropriate strategies based on them.

Sitekit By Google

sitekit plugin

Sitekit is an official and free plugin created by Google, which works as a WordPress plugin and allows obtaining relevant information from multiple specific data related to web monitoring.

This plugin works as a tool to manage the configuration and continuous revisions in the same Dashboard of the services offered by the Google search engine, such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and Adsense.


  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Form Analytics
  • Goal Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Multiple Site Management
  • Pageview Tracking
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Site Search Tracking
  • Time on Site Tracking
  • User Interaction Tracking 

Monster Insights

MonsterInsights – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

With over 1 million active installations, MonsterInsights is currently one of the most used web analytics solutions for WordPress. This plugin allows you to add Google Analytics to WordPress easily. This is a freemium plugin.

In addition, it allows you to analyze the tracking reports with a few clicks in your WordPress dashboard.

You can add Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress using MonsterInsights in two ways:

  1. Authentication using your Google account (logging in through your Gmail account)
  2. It is manually pasting the ID provided by Google Analytics. Once you install the plugin, displaying the information on its charts takes a few hours. You can know the web traffic within the “Reports” section.


  • Shows the primary sources of traffic.
  • Shows the most visited posts and pages
  • It helps to review the performance of your website from the Dashboard without the need to log in to your Analytics profile.
  • You can track outbound link clicks to see top external content your visitors like.
  • Create custom dimensions (premium version).
  • E-commerce buyer tracking (premium version).
  • Form Tracking track how people interact with your forms (for this, you would need the lite version of the plugin, which is available to download for free)

You can try MonsterInsights for free at this link. The Pro version of MonsterInsights costs $99.50/year.

Koko Analytics

Koko Analytics

Koko analytics is an open-source analytics plugin for WordPress that does not use any external services and respects the privacy of its visitors. It is ideal for those who want a simple tool to install that provides the primary visit data clean and easy to understand.

After activating the plugin, the statistics will be collected immediately—no need for external services or connection to Google Analytics. The plugin ensures that visitor data never leave the website.


  • Option to not use cookies and at the same time be able to determine return visitors and unique page views.
  • You can exclude specific user roles from tracking.
  • Option to automatically delete the oldest data.
  • Built-in blocklist to filter referral spam.
  • Compatible with pages served from cache.
  • Compatible with pages with AMP technology.
  • Completely open-source (GPLv3 licensed).

Price: This plugin is free.


Matomo Analytics

Matomo (previously known as Piwik) is presented as one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics to protect user data and privacy. According to Matomo, owners of online projects risk damaging their reputations if users discover that their data is being used for Google’s “own purposes.”

You will be the owner of the data 100%, being able to protect the privacy of your visitors much better. You will know at all times where the data is stored and what happens to it without external influence.

This tool is used by more than 1 million websites worldwide. The software has various features, from analytics and conversion optimization to visitor profiling.


  • Media Analytics
  • Content Interactions
  • Transitions
  • Conversion Optimization Features
  • Visitor Profiles
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Ecommerce
  • Custom Reports
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Event/Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Site Search
  • Email Reports email
  • Cumulative Reports: Combine reports from multiple websites
  • White Label: Incorporate your branding into the interface and reports

Price: It has a free version and a paid version ($29/month) with cloud services included.


These are the best Google analytics plugin alternatives. All of them allow you to analyze the traffic that any website has, offering valuable information about the journey made by the user, something essential in Digital Marketing.

I hope this article helps you come up with a Analytics Plugin. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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